StreetArt-BLMTouched2July 29, 2020 – Fifth Avenue.

July 26, 2020 – Woodside, NYC.

A new world of peace isn’t achieved by clinging to old-world resentments.

StreetArt-OutdoorDining3Echoing the corpse that NYC city has become.


American style democracy — “by the people” — was founded by rebels oriented to (building a society around) the truth of man, and freeing themselves from British tyranny. But today’s rebels for democracy (diversity, inclusion, equality), guided by Marxist thought, are rebelling against truth itself, and making a mess of themselves and society.

The problems of the status quo can’t be fixed by the wreckers of the status quo.



StreetArt-BLM2All black lives matter, even the unborn.

By emphasizing material power, BLM eclipses the spirit — the source of true dignity and real power — leaving individuals and society injured and maimed.


StreetArt-July4,2020Woodside, NY – July 4, 2020

StreetArt-FifthAveCurbside pick-up on Fifth Avenue.


Father'sDay2020Having thrown out motherhood long ago (“get your rosaries off my ovaries!”), the protesters are now trashing fatherhood, patriarchy — God, Himself.




Black Moldification (BLM) = racists demanding ‘justice,’ enslaving black people with (Marxist) excremental thought, diminishing rather than enhancing their dignity.


BLM20aDemocratic society depends on citizens possessing inner freedom and reasonableness — both in short supply today, especially among those guided by ‘dialectical thought,’ which doesn’t bode well for the republic.

The ranks have been swollen by white folks, hysterically wo(r)king to wipe-out the baby along with the bathwater.

The involvement of Democrat leaders in the recent assaults on American society, should make it easy for non-Democrats to prevail in November. Recent (June) polling in Pennsylvania shows Trump with a 4% point lead over Biden — after trailing him there earlier in the year.

DoctorsWithourBordersEast 34th St. — June 9, 2020

At this point in the pandemic, the requirement for everyone to wear masks and social distance is absurd, even harmful. Doctors know that, but unbalanced politicians have a different agenda, one that is ultimately at war with the people they are called to serve and protect.

NYCLooting-June3,2020June 3, 2020

The moniker ‘peaceful protesters’ is as disingenuous as ‘systemic racism,’ and probably cooked-up by the same strategists.


DCProtesters2The murder and mayhem in the US, can be traced back to the miseducation in American higher education, and the lessons of still-in-vogue Marxist instructors like Herbert Marcuse, who professed: “Nothing is ‘real’ which does not sustain itself in existence, in a life and death struggle with the situations and conditions of its existence.” And “identity is only the continuous negation of inadequate existence.” (Reason and Revolution, 1941)

Dialectical ‘transformation’ doesn’t support human dignity nor does it lead to peace — because it is inherently untruthful and therefore unjust — history has shown that to be true.



StreetArtJacksonHeights“All societies end up wearing masks.” Jean Baudrillard



CovidRespondersGMO Cornflakes is a questionable treatment option for a pandemic requiring a more organic response.

If compromised immune systems and poor sanitation are the root causes of the virus’s lethality and spread, then responders ought to be helping people protect themselves in those areas. Oftentimes interventions can end up multiplying the spread.





As in Pinocchio’s ‘Funland,’ children in De Blasio’s NY who avoid school risk being turned into donkeys. But sadly, those who do attend NY public schools and follow ‘progressive’ teachings can end up the same way.

StreetArt-CovidJackson Heights – May 1, 2020

Some weeks ago Governor Cuomo gesticulated about “kicking Covid ass.” Since then New York City has come to lead the world in the virus’s death toll — with Cuomo’s policies, before and during the pandemic, adding to the death rate and undermining society.

A more just and logical approach to the pandemic, would focus on the overall health of society, not just an obsessive effort to “turn the curve.” Cuomo claims to be guided by data — what about the unemployment data? He now claims to be able to “control the (Covid) beast” — actually it seems the beast is controlling him and his response to it.


MTA-SubwayWorkerMessage to homeless: “Don’t Rain On My Parade!”Homeless3

The data actually indicate that homeless passengers are more likely to contract Covid from infected MTA workers and passengers, than the other way around. Homeless people in NYC are typically free of the virus, that is, until they get forced into a city shelter.

As the MTA embarks on daily subway sterilizations, in response to conductor outrage over homeless persons on the trains, one can see the hysteria, absurdity, and contempt that has so characterized the response of NY officials to Covid, especially by those who claim to be guided by science. This doesn’t bode well for the countless new homeless that will emerge in the coming months, made so by the unsmart shut down of the City, along with the extreme social distancing policies of said officials.

Covid-StayHomeRather than mocking Trump for suggesting that sunlight can kill Covid-19 (it can), a more enlightened press corps would be analyzing the harm (to society) of ‘progressive’ NY style (“kiss my ass”) activism — that helped to usher in Covid-19 (through filth and weakened immune systems) and make its impact far worse here than anywhere else in the world. An example of that can be found in the NYC Health document: Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19). Probably thought by some to be an enlightened prescription, but in fact a manifesto for self-destruction. Going forward, reforms to thinking — and being, oriented to truth (not just data) — need to accompany the reopening of society.


CovidBreakThe data indicate that Covid-19 has run its course in New York City. One pharmacologist at Elmhurst Hospital told LE that those who have been exposed to the virus, but not come down with it, are less likely to show symptoms with each passing day. Also several healthcare workers at the hospital told LE that various treatments, including hydroxychloroquine (when prescribed early on), are working — and helping Covid patients to recover and walk out of the hospital.

The plan by New York elected officials to subject citizens to widespread testing, tracing, and isolation — before reopening the state  — is, at this stage of the virus cycle, absurd and even abusive. One need only look at the the State’s running of nursing homes and the recent carnage in ‘quarantine hotels’ to realize that political leaders are incapable of true Covid mitigation or patient care. The decrease in Covid cases in recent days has more to do with the virus having already run its course, through the population, and less to do with mandated social distancing policies. In fact, the (contemptuous) policies of Messrs Di Blasio and Cuomo likely made the situation worse — increasing the death rate and undermining society. If the federal government decides to help New York State with its precarious finances, it should do so while insisting the State abandon its plans for widespread: testing, tracing, and isolation of citizens — actions which might have been useful during the first week of March (although not in Westchester County), but which today can be abusive and likely to do more harm than good. Going forward, any virus testing should lead to “early treatment” (not just isolation) for those who contract Covid-19. Which is what worked so well for South Korea — while keeping that society open and the death rate down.


A man pulls up, get out of his car and leaves a rock formation in front of Elmhurst Hospital today. Perhaps to remember the workers and patients who passed through there in recent weeks.

Woodside-CVCV-ElmhurstWe hear Hydroxychloroquine is in fact helping Covid-19 patients at Elmhurst Hospital, and continues to prove itself to be a legitimate treatment option for patients with Covid-19. But it has to taken early in treatment not at the end of life.

The greater threat to America during this pandemic comes from state governors and local officials, who are perversely plotting, testing, tracing and destroying persons and society, in their machinations for federal dollars.

Progressive (“muck-you-up,” “kiss-my-ass”) policies helped to create the conditions for Covid-19 to ravage NYC in the first place — and now progressive leaders are doubling down on interventions that will ravage the people and society in the aftermath. Denying vulnerable people access to parks on sunny days goes against common sense and science and is likely contributing to the spread of Covid and death.


A medical glove tied to a fence dances in the wind, Easter Sunday — Queens, NY.

Covid19-NYC1CV-JacksonHeightsOn Monday New York’s Governor Cuomo doubled down on social distancing, by adding to the amount of potential fines for violators and extending the time that New York State would be closed for business — out to April 29. He did so while saying he wanted to avoid a South Korea situation in New York. Which is odd, given that S. Korea, a nation of 50+ million people, has only 10,000 Covid-19 cases and 192 deaths as of April 6. A tiny fraction of New York’s case and fatality rates. They did so, while not shutting down their society the way New York has.

It’s become apparent that New York style ‘social (stay-at-home) distancing’ is in fact adding to community spread and the death rate — making every home a nursing home. In affirming their stay-at-home policy, Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio said today that “hospital admissions are down.” Well, according to one official at Elmhurst Hospital, that’s because, at this moment, all their ICU “beds are full” (with Covid-19 patients). And none are expected to survive. Many who show up at NYC emergency rooms are being sent home, with 200+ cases dying at home on an average day. Sadly, the policies of De Blasio and Cuomo have only hastened the spread and lethality of Covid-19 — in hospitals and at home — and made it harder for individuals to defeat the virus themselves (with their immune system), which is the best hope for society. Denying access to parks (and critical sunlight) is just one example of wrongheaded local and state policies that do more harm than good.