Russian Vindication

While Russia may have been wrong to attack Ukraine when and how it did in February, nevertheless Putin’s actions since the invasion began and those of his American and Ukrainian counterparts seem to vindicate Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

Unlike the unnecessary American “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq which saw over a million Iraqi noncombatants (farmers, women & children) killed by American bombs and relatively few US casualties, the Russians have opted to accept greater loss of life, among their own ranks (when they could have carpet-bombed the whole country on day one but didn’t) and relatively fewer Ukrainian civilian casualties. So whatever moral compass the Russians are using to prosecute their war seems to be more ethical than that of their opponents which is why it’s odd that Ukraine’s chief negotiator in peace talks, Mykhailo Podolyak, saw fit to say recently that “the war is no longer taking place according to its rules (Russia’s), its timetable or its plans.” Mr. Podolyak should be thankful that the Russians are acting more honorably than the Ukrainians and Americans, and hope they don’t revert to America’s ‘rules‘. He ought to shut-up his egoism and hurry-up to negotiate an end to the war.

Ultimately this war’s biggest criminal is Zelensky, for forcing civilians to fight and using his country’s farmers, women and children as human shields against the Russian army.

I 2 I

Abortion Is the New Slavery

Those who proudly procure and perform abortions are as morally compromised as the slave-holders and traffickers of times past. And the anti-abortionists are akin to the abolitionists.

Hopefully, going forward, those who become pregnant will find the encouragement and help they need (even from the state) to deliver their baby, instead of destroying the child and themselves in the process.

We don’t own ourselves. We didn’t create ourselves. To be just with ourselves and others is to be accountable to our Creator, in relationship with His Commands. “Thou shall not kill.” Only then can we find true fulfillment.


‘Woe to You Washington’

Just as Zelensky’s contemptuous response to Russia is destroying his own people, so too will Washington’s contemptuous response to Putin further America’s demise — and the misery of her people, until such time as the US is reorganized with responsible leadership. If it’s not too late.

New York Auto Show

The Naked Lunch

Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights – April 10, 2022

The rebellious forces behind the make-believe — do-it yourself — identity movements, are leaving people alienated, malnourished and disturbed — not sure who or what they are — and at times homicidal and suicidal.

The so-called mental health experts bear a significant responsibility for society’s attempt to alter nature — especially with respect to a person’s identity, and all the damage that has come in its wake.

Ready-Made Id

Carbon Hoofprint

Excuse Me

‘Your Freedom Is Killing Me’

In a moment when Western leaders should be taking seriously the legitimate security concerns of Russian President Putin, and arriving at a new security arrangement — sans weapons of mass destruction, the dogs of war are calling for Russia’s defeat and the end of Putin, thereby confirming Putin’s justification for his Ukrainian incursion in the first place. It’s worth noting that Hunter Biden, son of US president Joe Biden, helped facilitate getting Bio WMD into Ukraine (with 26 labs known to presently exist).

People of good will continue to struggle with the problems of maintaining an ordered society, in a surreal world where the forces of popular democracy have become unmanageable and unreasonable. The US response to Putin’s Ukraine action is further evidence of why the US doesn’t deserve to exist as a sovereign state, and in fact doesn’t exist as one, much less as a healthy democracy. Instead the US has devolved into a disintegrated state — a gang of emotionally disturbed: arms dealers, vax pushers, and gender dysphoria spreaders–trying to remake the world in their own disordered image.

Epic Struggle

Archbishop Carl Maria Vigano and situational awareness in Ukraine.


Women’s Day

Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights, NY – March 8, 2022

Murder & Madness

Exchange between two Polish grandmothers on March 5, in Rzeszow, Poland:

“Ukraine should surrender.”

“Are you crazy? Should Poland surrender too?”

It seems Poland has gone mad too in acquiescing (on giving MIGs) to Zelensky — who is playing the role of “the great harlot who poisoned the earth with her harlot’s ways.”

The death and destruction in Ukraine is largely the result of Ukrainian leaders and their dirty dancing partner, Washington, acting badly (going back to the 2014 Yanukovych coup).

Using the Ukrainian people as human shields and treating Putin with contempt is not the way to peace.

In a better world the US (and NATO) would take seriously Putin’s legitimate issues. But for conservatives and liberals in the US, seeking world domination and the end of Putin, the well-being of the Ukrainian people and peace in the region are not among their aims.


Those who have armed Volodymr Zelensky, “look like” Trayvon Martin.

Barrack Obama ignited a race war ten years ago when he claimed that if he had a son, he would “look like Trayvon Martin” (the Florida youth killed by George Zimmerman after assaulting Zimmerman).

President Biden may have ignited World War III by arming Ukraine’s Zelensky, who came to power in the aftermath of the 2014 coup — engineered by Obama’s CIA — which removed Viktor Yanukovych, just for being friendly with Russian President Putin

In 2003, the US military murdered over a million Iraqi farmers, women and children in an effort to eliminate WMD (weapons of mass destruction) — that never existed — from Iraq. Today, Putin is isolated by world leaders for seeking to protect lives (including his own) and keep WMD out of Ukraine, all while the West races to deliver WMD to Ukraine, and destroy Putin.

Biden the Surrealist

“I had already said hello to Satan in 1928. An unavoidable old man was loaded down at that time with a package of clouds on his back with a flower in white lace, its neck pierced by a stone, swayed very still as it sat at the tambourine. Why am I not that charming flower? Why must I always change into an earthquake, into an ace of hearts, into a shadow entering by the door.” Max Ernst

One-Hundred years ago, Surrealism was becoming a thing in the art world. Today it is the thing in American society, with morality and rational thought replaced by psychic automatism and vaccine mandates.

The surreal American President, Joe Biden, is the most dangerous (stuffed) person in the world.

Biden traveled to NYC today to deliver a message against violence, especially from “ghost guns” — just hours after a man had died half way around the world on his orders, and billions of dollars worth of American weapons had been delivered to Ukraine. And after countless black persons no doubt felt justified and empowered in their violence towards cops and and White people after Biden’s “systemic racism” demagoguery.

Black Art In America

Dawgs & Gawds

Jan. 6

One would think the dogs on the left would be thankful the dogs on the right were so sophomoric and benign in the “Stop the Steal” protest, one year ago in the US Capital. If, in fact, the 2020 presidential election was stolen (as many thought and still do), the Founders would surely have called for a much stronger response.

While there may not be hard evidence of enough bogus votes to have swayed the election, there is plenty of evidence of a sham presidential election process (codified in law) that produced only losers.

Ironically, a government (mob) increasingly oriented to, and obsessed with, “rights” rather than the “good”, has forfeited its legitimacy and reason for being — unable to agree on who can vote, even who a voter (person) is. And, in the word’s of Shakespeare’s Iago, can only say: “I am not what I am.”


“Bomicrons” — those who contract Covid after being boosted.

For those who seek relief from Covid, Cold or Flu, a natural defense and treatment option: Juice from from HOT Peppers (with apple cider vinegar and salt), combined with Ginger Broth, Lemon and Maple Syrup.


“Pandemic of the unvaccinate!”–? The breaking news should be about people winding up in hospitals and dying of Covid, after being jabbed with government mandated ‘vaccines.’

For those mandating Big Pharma vaccines, the VAX has replaced God, nature and science — in an ever widening genocide against truth, goodness and Life itself.

“Reign Over Us, Heal Us”

O Holy Night.

‘Not In Service’

America’s genocide against truth, goodness and Life itself, claimed it latest victim this evening, when a NYC bus driver slaughtered a pedestrian in a Jackson Heights crosswalk, with impunity — just days before Christians celebrate the coming into the world of the way the truth and the life.

Super (Inflated) Ego Trip


Spotted in NYC

Asian Lanternfly – as seen October 31, 2021, in Queens.

Vax of the Masses

It seems that Covid Vax mandates have become as a religion for many in the US.

Ideally, religions lead their practitioners to greater personal consciousness and healthier communities, not so with the Vax religion.

The tradition in America, is that the government be neutral in matters of religion. But since the government is the progenitor of both the virus and the Vax religion, it’s not hard to see why it has been remiss in not heeding the words of its own Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.


Absentee Organs of Democracy

The immolation of the American voter and voting process, make one concluded that the essentials necessary for a democratic-republic to exist are largely absent from the US today.


National Cat Day

’21 Harvest

New Roots Community Garden, Woodside, Queens.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2021

As the mayor of NYC seeks to eliminate curriculums for the city’s “gifted and talented” youth, one wonders who will be left to care for the growing population of emotionally disturbed and mentally disabled.


Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights, NY – September 22, 2021

Stop Hating

“Resentment and anger, these are foul things, and both are found with the sinner. He who exacts vengeance will experience the vengeance of the Lord, who keeps strict account of sin. Forgive your neighbor the hurt he does you, and when you pray, your sins will be forgiven.” Ecclesiasticus 27:33-28:9

The lost, and peaceless world of today appears to be driven more by hatred than by solidarity, as various political entities rally supporters with contempt (for the other) rather than commitment to truth and goodness.

Armory Art Show 2021

Black Black Black.

‘Dark’ – Art Movement

Historically, black power, progress, and greatness — in art and life — have emanated from the Spirit. Today’s black activists, following Marxist materialism, are pushing a “my arms are bigger than yours” approach — that ultimately eclipses the Spirit, and leads to hearts of stone.

Swept Away

Crime Scene

Health Care in America is organized crime. — with patients the targets, and no one exempt from its evil.

All Roads Lead to Jackson Heights

The US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, visited the New Immigrant Community Empowerment office in Jackson Heights, 8/4.

America Distressed

“O Liberty, what crimes are committed in your name!” Jeanne-Manon Roland (1754-1793)

The United States was founded by persons claiming the right to be good, apart from England — but united to their Creator and natural law (however imperfectly). But today the country is firmly in the hands of those claiming the right to be bad, apart from their Creator, and in the words of Herbert Marcuse, “claiming the right to mold it (nature) in accordance with their needs and knowledge,” (however dark).

GMO Gender

Would that the elites approached gender change, as a crisis, with as much vigor as they approach climate change. Instead they promote it. And the suicides just pile up.