“Transparency Is The New Black”

transparencyYoung techies like to say that “transparency is the new black.”  Does that mean that it’s “hip” to be honest? Or perhaps people are just shameless about showing the world their dishonesty — or maybe both.

Crisis of Reality

rock After a recent fire in California, a man who lost his house, surveyed the damage and was heard to say: “I need a new philosophy, one that requires less stuff.”

Seamless Garment

Imagine a world where liberals recognize the injustice of abortion and conservatives recognize the injustice of torture, and they both worked for a more just health care system — one where people are guided by a more holistic view of life.


Reverence For Truth And Life

bloodpressure (2)Any reform of the health care system, in the U.S., needs to include a more ethical mindset within the FDA, especially regarding the approval of new drugs.

The current system (between the FDA and drug companies) is not unlike that which existed between the ratings agencies (Moody’s and S&P) and investment banks, which caused so much trouble on Wall Street.

Many new drugs are being approved and entering the market before proper testing and evaluation has occurred. This is especially true of AD/HD and Depression medicine.

Recent cases have shown lethal side effects for numerous patients, including veterans and children, who have been the unfortunate recipients of some of these psychiatric drugs.

Hopefully a “reverence for truth and life” will guide the architects of any future health care system in this country.

Beyond Vogue

singapore“The only ones who are truly healthy are those who have sought and found a way to serve.” A. Schweitzer

“You Know What You Are?”

Kenny Kramer — the neighbor of Larry David, who inspired the Kramer character on Seinfeld, with guests from his Reality Tour in front of Tom’s Restaurant in NYC. The ” Tom’s Restaurant” sign was used in the show.


Christmas in August

The Rockettes on Sixth Avenue in NYC, promoting their Christmas Spectacular. The American architect, Louis Kahn, once said that “architecture is the reaching out for truth.” Maybe there is some of that going on here.








Photograph: Stephen Wise

Boys of Summer

Dave Letterman and Mark Teixeira of the Yankees taking some batting practice on W. 53rd Street, next to the historic Ed Sullivan Theater.








Photograph: Stephen Wise

We Need Another Crisis?

Today on the Chris Matthews Show — Chris and his guests, including: Tina Brown and Bob Woodward, discussed the future of newspapers, journalism, and the internet — as an alternative to printed news. After affirming the continued relevence of investigative reporting, Woodward (the same guy who broke the Watergate story) said something incredible. He said “what’s missing right now, this year is a crisis.”

It seems that Bob Woodward and most of his colleagues, don’t seem to get (or want to acknowledge) the fact that we are in a “crisis,” an existential crisis (bigger than just an economic crisis) that threatens the very survival of the United States.

In order to have any real chance at sustainability, the country first needs its institutions, systems and people to be renewed. By not admiting that we are even in a crisis, the press is not doing its part in the renewal process that is so necessary for sustainability.

woodward (2)

No Future In Hatred

I’m glad I didn’t see the dude driving this van. The irony is that those who claim to love the U.S.A. often times are the biggest haters of the U.S., given the way they live their lives, treat others, fail to pay their fair share of taxes etc, etc.

redneck (2)

No More Scratching

Many of the best products at this year’s NY Gift Fair were from other countries. The most interesting American items, were “chocolate” themed — including: Vanishing Creatures, Caffe D’Amore and Sweet Assets.

The CANUS company, with offices in Canada and the U.S., has wonderful Goat’s Milk “care products” for humans and dogs.


From The Gift Fair In NYC

One vendor said that she was charged $800 extra, by the Freeman folks at the Javits Center, to deliver a Fed- Ex box to her booth. She was told that if the package had been sent by U.P.S. (a union shop), there would not have been any additional charge. They also charged her $400 to repair an electric wire.

Such injustices, and countless others from on high, point to a grim future for small businesses in NYC


Green Shoots?

While looking for signs of renewal at the Gift Fair in New York City this week, I came across Norman the Phart Elephant — a doll created by a former Wall Street banker, with inspiration from her husband Norman. As if looting people’s pension funds wasn’t enough, now Wall Street wants to “Phart” on us. Perhaps Norman will help relieve some of the gas created by the recent Treasury bubble.


Who Am I?

Branding seems to be an American obsession — whether we are trying to create our own brand or wearing someone elses. But ultimately, questions of identity depend on our relationship with our “true” Creator — to determine whether our true self unfolds or we become just a shell, or worse — a billboard.


How Do We Relate?

HowDoYouRelatePhotograph: Stephen Wise