StreetArt19StreetArt19aThis is America.

Czech18Hanukkah18aBohemian National Hall, NYC — December 8, 2018

Advent18“May your hearts be illuminated by the love and light of my Son (Christ).” Blessed Virgin Mary



Sotheby's-MagritteSotheby's-MeidnerWorks by Rene Magritte (top) and Ludwig Meidner, in upcoming sales.

On this Day of Remembrance, the effects of radical liberalism and nationalism (including Zionism) continue to plague society — with people unwilling/able to see their wrongheadedness, and be oriented to a more truthful way of living?

“And the fire on the hearth, which has burnt low throughout the scene, leaps up into sudden brightness.”

AmericanArt-MoraThe American Art Fair, at Bohemian Hall, through Nov. 13.

TheSalonArt&Design18cSalon-GillAt the Park Avenue Armory through November 12.

Gallerist David Gill shared a pic of a chair that he and Daniel Libeskind created.

XI-18XI-18aBjarke Ingels in his XI.

Vote18aWatched slack-jawed in Woodside as a ‘translator’ — in the voting booth — tried to show/tell a young (newly arrived) voter who to vote for.

Republican victories today, seemed more a rebuke of progressives run amok than an embrace of the repugnant Trump.

NYCMarathon18aNYCMarathon18eThe leaders approaching Mile 14, in Long Island City, Queens.

OurikaThe engraving, made by French/German printmaker Alfred Johannot (c.1830), around the time of Delecroix’s: Liberty Leading the People, depicts a black Catholic nun in Morocco dialoguing with a ‘liberty’ scholar. She seems to be skeptical of his notions (see her eyes and hands), perhaps having found true freedom and enlightenment in communion with her God.

Coincidentally, there is presently an exhibition at Columbia University on the role played by black women in Modern 19th-century French art: Posing Modernity: The Black Model From Manet and Matisse to Today, at the Wallach Art Gallery.

For this and other important Old Master Prints, visit Woodside Fine Art.




TEFAF18TEFAF18aAt the Park Avenue Armory through October 31.


IFPDA18International Fine Print Dealers Association Show at the Javits Center through October 28.

PinotGrigioItalian Pinot Grigio producers now have their own DOC, and a renewed commitment to upgrade their quality.

Met-DutchMasters5Met-DutchMasters3Met-DutchMasters4Being able to see four Vermeers in one room is especially noteworthy.

AlgoArtAlgoArt-Signed‘Art’ made with the help of algorithms, will be included in the October 25th Prints & Multiples sale at Christie’s.


YankeesSubway from 1917, pressed into service to help Yankee fans get to The Stadium on time.

SarahJThe #MeToo movement has exposed some bad behaving men (and boys), but also a lot of discombobulated and unhinged women — made more so by their activism.

Artist: Sarah J


HighTimes2HighTimesOne of America’s treasures is her black community, which today is the dominant influence in American culture. The driving force behind black greatness has always been a healthy dose of spirit (Holy Spirit). But at a time when black Americans have acquired enormous resources, opportunity and material power, there has sadly been an diminishing of that true (holy) spirit — because of activism (“loud and proud”) intent on building-up the self with unholy and malevolent spirits (42 million strong). The result is a community where black gold is becoming black mold.

JLee18GreenbergDavidLigare2BurtGlinnGallery Night at the Fuller Building — September 12, 2018

Highlights included works by Jungin Lee, David Ligare and Burt Glinn.

ASL18cASL18bASL18Back in class.





StreetArt18-CrashShe (the driver) didn’t even get a ticket. He (the bicyclist) barely survived.


NYNOW18At the Javits Center through 8/15.

StreetArt2018America’s leaders are loath to protect against, or even acknowledge, the ill-effects of wireless radiation on the unborn (and born).

An unarmed black man, Jamill Jones, killed Sander Szabo, an unarmed white man, with one punch in Long Island City (8/5) — after Szabo mistakenly knocked on Jones’ car window, thinking it was his Uber car. Jones was charged with third-degree assault and released without having to post any bail. New York State law allows for perps who kill people — with one punch, to walk.

For some African Americans in New York, it seems the only thing worse than being disregarded by taxis is being mistaken for one.


MisfitHiveMisfitHive3MisfitHive4MisfitHive5DonaldHendricksCraig Fox and his crew of comedy misfits are working it out in Woodside — at the Project For Living Artists — in a collaboration that offers a platform for arting of all types.