Veteran’s DAy

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace.

In a special way we salute the election officials, poll workers, and programmers who have come forward with their sworn stories of voting fraud. The loss of the willingness and ability of government officials to conduct a correct election, leaves the US experiment in democracy all but over.

The United States came into existence when its rebel founders succeeded in their fight for justice and freedom — in line with the truth. Today’s social justice warriors are fighting for justice and freedom, while rebelling against the truth.

Biden Assumes Command

Far from affirming democracy (Harris), this election may be remembered for having broken democracy.

On a night when he called for an end to “demonization,” Biden (and Harris) said America was “systemically racist.”

American Charade

What a sham(e). With pathological polling, malevolent reporting and harvested-glitch voting, how can democracy be said to be alive in the USA?

In the make-believe world of this political cycle, with systemic fraud the norm, one kernel of truth offers hope for America’s future — the diverse and sincere 70+ million people who voted for Trump.

D-Day In America

Trump Surge Underway

Black and Hispanic Americans are saying “I Can’t Breath,” to the anti-patriarchy pollution coming from the Left.

‘Progressive’ policies destroy persons and society. Truly woke people recognize that.

‘Reimagining’ Nature

“Shut it down!” No (good) future in that.

That Old Black Magic

“Down and down I go, ’round and ’round I go…”

A mask does little for those who are immunocompromised (and can in fact kill them), but a lot to advance personal ‘self-estrangement,’ and its Marxist antidote — (Aufhebung) “abolition” of man/society. For progressives, attacking the virus with the mask reinforces their attack on the person — which harkens to Marx’ “negation of the negation.”

Those who don’t die from the virus, may very well die from the ‘progressive’ response to the virus.

Orientation or preference?

“Passion is the essential force of man energetically bent on its object.” Karl Marx, 1844

The underlying Marxism in progressive politics, has moved people to attempt a re-imagining of nature — with the true “self” reduced to, and obliterated by, data and sex organs.

Orangeman’s Response

Trump gets a bad rap for his Covid response, which is particularly galling given that he was mostly correct in his attempt to deal holistically with the crisis, keeping in mind the bigger picture — and the needs of society overall — not just isolating on one aspect. The calls to “stay home” and “shut it down” probably led to more deaths than anything Trump did or failed to do. Also, if more sick people had been allowed to take hydroxychloroquine early on (as Trump had advocated), the US death rate might be far less. This reporter’s family doctor (and entire office) came down with Covid in March. They all took hydroxy and each recovered. One spent time on a ventilator, but credits early hydroxychloroquine for her ultimate and complete recovery.

The Discoverer

“Indeed the greatest benefactor of humanity, ‘has become a figure of fun and satire.’ The man, whose memory people have revered for centuries, is lately branded by abusers of the right of free speech as ‘the Fraud of the Ages’! And what is still worse, the publication and circulation in our country of such libellous stories is apt to cause revolt in the untrained minds of our children…”

from: “Christopher Columbus, A Greek Nobleman,” Seraphim G. Canoutas, 1943


“I Can’t Breath”

An elderly woman walking in Jackson Heights, on Monday, was aided into an ambulance after fainting twice while shopping. At first, it was thought the seemingly healthy woman was having a stroke. But after a bystander took off her mask, she came to and said she was fine. The consensus among those helping her, was that she had fainted from a lack of oxygen — due to the mask she was wearing.

Could it be that inordinate ‘mask wearing’ is putting at-risk people, at greater risk? — hampering their immune system, making them more susceptible to illness.

The extreme (and arbitrary) thinking of leaders is making a just response to Covid hard to find, while increasing the suffering of people and undermining society.

Main Currents in American Thought

Contempt, rather than respect — for ones neighbor — is dominating the American scene, as people degenerate and disintegrate.

If Trump has been irresponsible, it’s not for not wearing a mask (which in fact “does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection” and can indeed create new problems for healthy people). But rather in not checking his egoism.

A Covid avoidance strategy should be based on pure (balanced) living, not extremism.

Society needs for Trump to be a good and healthy man — to best represent it’s interests, which the Left seems intent on destroying. But alas, democracies tend to make their citizens into children, rather than truly free men and women.

sed Corpus

CAnceled UN

The virtual opening of the 75th General Assembly, laments/cheers the breakup of the world’s ‘bedrock of freedom.’ — with the disintegrated family of nations moving to align with China.

Meditating on Life


There is greater evidence to support the view that more healthy people will be harmed by excessive mask wearing (with CO2 emissions), than protected by it.

Reddening of America

Trump Coalition

Black, Spanish, and Muslim men will have had a decisive impact — if Trump is re-elected.

Say No To Marxist Thought

Teaching Marxism, as a religion, needs to be discontinued in American schools.

Got Spirit?

BlackManThe greatness of black people in America has always been in proportion to their unity with the Holy Spirit. But today’s activists, guided by a materialist ideology — opposed to that Spirit — are being driven by a power that undermines the dignity and self-esteem they seek.



‘Soul Of America’

BidenHarrisClaiming, during his DNC speech, that his campaign is about the “soul of America,” Joe Biden proceeded to curse his country, insisting that “no miracle is coming” for Covid sufferers. Later he stated the need “to do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” Thereby adding to the curse and fueling the doom. By encouraging the “systemic racism” narrative of the protesters, rather than confronting it, Biden is contributing to the destruction of what remains of his country, not unlike the Bolsheviks of 1917 Russia.

Dem Dogs of August

StreetArt-LampDownFew people have more to be grateful for than former President Obama, and by extension African Americans in recent years. And yet his remarks at the Democrat (Zoo)m Convention were more a litany of contempt, ingratitude and resentments — sure to stultify rather than ennoble his followers, turning them into savages rather than healthy men and women.

If President Trump were more “serious,” he would seek to have Obama jailed as an enemy of the State, and chief enabler of BLM, a terrorist organization at war with the United States.

Amid the Ruins


Dust and Shadows

StreetArt-WoodsideDeliThere should be a funeral for New York City, and the place should be renamed.




StreetArt-BLMTouched2July 29, 2020 – Fifth Avenue.

March of Negative Thinkers

July 26, 2020 – Woodside, NYC.

A new world of peace isn’t achieved by clinging to old-world resentments.

Phase IV Reopening

StreetArt-OutdoorDining3Echoing the corpse that NYC city has become.

Rebels Killing Rebels


American style democracy — “by the people” — was founded by rebels oriented to (building a society around) the truth of man, and freeing themselves from British tyranny. But today’s rebels for democracy (diversity, inclusion, equality), guided by Marxist thought, are rebelling against truth itself, and making a mess of themselves and society.

The problems of the status quo can’t be fixed by the wreckers of the status quo.

NYC Undercover


‘O Liberty’



StreetArt-BLM2All black lives matter, even the unborn.

By emphasizing material power, BLM eclipses the spirit — the source of true dignity and real power — leaving individuals and society injured and maimed.

Phase III Reopening



StreetArt-July4,2020Woodside, NY – July 4, 2020

Phase II Reopening

StreetArt-FifthAveCurbside pick-up on Fifth Avenue.

Class Of 2020


Father’s Day

Father'sDay2020Having thrown out motherhood long ago (“get your rosaries off my ovaries!”), the protesters are now trashing fatherhood, patriarchy — God, Himself.



AOC’s Playground


‘Black As Hell’

Black Moldification (BLM) = racists demanding ‘justice,’ enslaving black people with (Marxist) excremental thought, diminishing rather than enhancing their dignity.