Americana Week

Mr. Trump will take over as president of a broken, some would say failed, United States — failed because the ‘will of the people’ has for years failed to deliver truthful leaders. Instead, American leadership has systematically violated natural law, the U.S. Constitution and international law, destroying other countries and delegitimizing themselves in the process. People should bear in mind that the U.S. exists today only because…

Unfold Yourself

Americans are encouraged to find their identity in rebellion against the status quo — even against truth itself. This can mean the triumph of infantilism in the name of progress.

President Obama’s Legacy

Barack Obama is leaving a nation and world more divided than when he took office. His (Hegelian-Marxist) values did more to justify animal instincts and base impulses (from BLM to Syria) than to expand new seeds of life. His opportunism in ‘saving’ the economy was tilted more towards his donors and base, relying heavily on changed accounting rules — turbocharged with printing and borrowing trillions…

Need a Little Cleansing

It’s funny that the U.S. government, which has long intervened in other nation’s affairs, is now squawking about Russian intervention (to make known the truth) in the recent U.S. election. And the same government, whose lies are the lifeblood of its existence, is now hysterical about fake news. The American people needed outside intervention to expose and rid themselves of disordered leaders—that have undermined the country ($20,000,000,000,000 debt), left the…

Nasty Activists

November 12, 2016 – Fifth Avenue, NYC Leaning heavily on Marxist disruption, America’s preferential treatment of women, minorities, and the LGBT community, has in recent years led to a divided nation — and a vicious cycle of underdeveloped persons — frothing in a sea of disorder and hatred, and leading to nothingness rather than a flourishing society. Photographs: Stephen Wise

Black & Red

As he prepares to take office, it’s been said that Mr. Trump considers education to be a low priority.  And yet the high number of poorly educated young people in America, as evidenced by recent demonstrations, should make education a top priority. The problem, though, is many educators see truth as oppressive — the enemy. So rather than being oriented to it they are in rebellion…

‘Bye bye bye…’

“There…there…it’s all over.” Waiting For Godot, 1954 Especially notable in this election was the extent to which personal identity played a role in how people voted — overwhelming every other issue, program, or policy consideration. That said, if Hillary Clinton had been a better (healthier) woman many who voted for Trump would have voted for her. Unfortunately, her view of reality and actions therewith have been unhealthful…


The United States, long in a death spiral — from actions by ‘educated’ liberals and conservatives, has been given a new lease on life. Can the lies that Americans tell themselves (so evident in this election) give way to a more truthful society under Trump?

Love in the Ruins

November 6, 2016 – Fifth Avenue, NYC

Hillary is Finished

“We are going to have to dump all those e-mails.” John Podesta March 2, 2015

Unsafe Space

Donald Trump may have harassed women, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama raped and murdered the entire countries of Libya and Syria with their calls (and support) for regime change at the behest of patrons. Say what you want to about Trump, but Trump as president might be less likely to start a war with Russia. He seems pathetic, but the status quo (leadership) in America…

American Left & Right

The corruption and infantilism at the heart of American politics were on full display in recent days with President Obama’s $38 Billion arms (weapons) commitment to Israel, and Donald Trump’s support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Modern State of Israel, built by fraud and force, is more anathema than reflective of the will of God and the people of God.

Dollar Diplomacy

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) kicked off its 12th and final Annual Meeting today at the Sheraton in New York City. According to their press release, the meeting “will focus on more than 3600 Commitments to Action impacting over 435 million people around the world.” It’s not clear if that number includes the millions of refugees and lives destroyed by perverse U.S. actions (to topple…

After the Parade

Dominican Day, Fifth Avenue NYC – August 14, 2016

Educate the Masses

The same diabolical energy that is behind the destruction of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine is now driving the Black Domination Movement in America — which will likely end the same way, with the U.S. Justice Department on the side of disorder. The best hope for overcoming the new tyranny of selfishness and hatred, brought on by Marx-inspired activists corrupting the African-American community, is for good black men to step-up and confront the lies…

‘We Are America’

One day after The Four Seasons Restaurant, a modernist monument once considered the most important restaurant in the world, auctioned off the last of its Philip Johnson banquettes and Mies Van der Rohe chairs—and turned off the lights, president Obama told the DNC, the US is “stronger and more prosperous than when we started.” Mr. Obama likes to take credit for saving the country from the Great Recession of…

‘Here’s the Thing’

In her remarks to the DNC, Michelle Obama said the U.S. is “the greatest country on earth” — a curious statement given that her country is at war with itself and the world, and even with truth itself. Artwork: “War Face On!” by Mark B. Springer, Warren Correctional Institute, Ohio


trumpery n. adj. 1. showy but worthless 2. delusive, shallow If elected president, can Donald Trump avoid trumpery and put his “Art of the Deal” acumen to work — to unwind real estate investment structures (REITs, private equity & hedge funds) that have been a source of rent inflation and barriers to small business creation in the US?  

American Dread

Those seeking to lead the U.S., and those seeking to tear her down, are joined by their inability to be truthful. Past progress and accomplishment in America came at the hands of people who were less untruthful than today’s leaders. “The fine arts once divorcing themselves from truth are quite certain to fall mad, if they do not die.” Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

Cultivating Radicalism

The inflamed and untruthful way many in the Press have covered/commented on recent police shootings in the US has likely added to ignorance, hatred and the body count — but maybe that’s the idea. There is a long history in America of disinformation being used to mislead people into war. Black Lives Matter is part of a Black Power movement bent more on domination and destruction,…

Garage Works

In America’s garages, innovation is leading to liquidation.  

Bond Day

Historically, Independence Day in America has celebrated “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Over the years, the American people have grown less conscious and more unhinged from democratic structures and institutions—with the government less accountable to the people. America today is more “of the bondholders, by the bondholders, and for the bondholders,” as evidenced in this week’s flurry of activity in Washington to make…

Father’s Day

Human identity, in all it’s aspects of solitude and communion, is anchored in the reality of “made in the image of God.” Rebelling from that starting point, and original unity, has led to widespread disorder within and among persons. With a new consciousness, in communion with the Father, humanity is formed again as the communion of persons. “Cause us to return, O our Father, unto thy Law: draw…

“Run Your Own Race”

From Faberge to a Tiffany dog house, the private collection of American comedian Joan Rivers is taking place on-line and at Christie’s NY, June 16-23.


Some visitors to NYC, from south-of-the-border, saluted Trump Tower on 5th Ave. yesterday — just as Trump’s son Eric was passing by. One thing not vanishing in the world today is hatred, especially among those who demand to be loved.

Image of Nothing

“…Grieve at the falling away of ‘the things’ which had once been the repository of the Spirit and are now being ousted by an empty ‘doing’ done in the image of nothing…” Erich Heller, The Artist’s Journey into the Interior (Random House, 1965)

American Spring

It’s become fashionable, even for Democrats, to say “no” to Hillary. Where were these people when she was saying “yes” to destroying Iraq, Libya , and Syria?  

Zoo Land

Photographs: Stephen Wise  

Seeking a Savior

The Bernie Sanders rally, in Washington Square Park yesterday, drew thousands of concerned Americans, from a cross-section of humanity, eager to see their country saved from ruin. That will be difficult given the deep-seated “I am King” mindset present in the 1% and 99 % — which undermines America, and is a clear and present danger to the world. The way people walk down the street of any American…

Feel the Bern

Another sign of progress in America, is the large number of patriarchphobes willing to break ranks with their establishment to support a septuagenarian, white-male. Would that he shared their willingness to break ranks with the ‘Democratic’ machine, and put Hillary away. Her record as Secretary of State (participating in the destruction of Libya, Egypt and Syria) qualifies her for nothing but a cell in…

Art in America

  Primitive + Modern — “the disenchantment of our culture with culture itself…the bitter line of hostility to civilization …the discovery and canonization of the primal, non-ethical energies…” Lionel Trilling Artwork (bottom): Barkley L. Hendricks

See No Evil

In last night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump tried to present himself as a ‘strong leader,’ saying: “we should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding.” But then he turned to jello, refusing to mention “Saudi Arabia” (saying instead “a certain territory”) when referring to the destination of family members of 9/11 plotters, departing the U.S. in the days before and after the attack. A truly strong…

Bi-Partisan Cabal

One of the many lies parroted by news organizations is that partisan bickering has kept Washington from ‘getting things done’ — when in fact the status quo, that is undermining America and the world, is highly bi-partisan and getting truly bad things done (see neocons & humanitarian interventionists in action). The checks and balances built into the democratic government of the U.S. have not kept it from becoming malevolent, nor…

Freedom & Liberation Movement

“Let’s not burn America down. Let’s take her like she is and rebuild her. We must maintain and advocate and promote the philosophy of non-violence…we must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King MLK understood political liberation emanating from truthfulness and spiritual liberation, all of which would be lost in an “I am King” world. It is the truth of the mystery…