Absentee Organs of Democracy

The immolation of the American voter and voting process, make one concluded that the essentials necessary for a democratic-republic to exist are largely absent from the US today.

Crime Scene

Health Care in America is organized crime. — with patients the targets, and no one exempt from its evil.

All Roads Lead to Jackson Heights

The US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, visited the New Immigrant Community Empowerment office in Jackson Heights, 8/4.

America Distressed

“O Liberty, what crimes are committed in your name!” Jeanne-Manon Roland (1754-1793) The United States was founded by persons claiming the right to be good, apart from England — but united to their Creator and natural law (however imperfectly). But today the country is firmly in the hands of those claiming the right to be bad, apart from their Creator, and in the words…

In Memoriam

If it’s true, that once upon a time the US military enabled Americans to be free, it’s also true that improper/untruthful use of the military, since the 1800s, has squandered the liberty and grace that once accompanied the American project. Leaving Americans to fend for themselves in a surreal hell scape of vengeance and malevolent activism.

How Red Is Amrica?

With crime in NYC out of control, and the police out of action, the Guardian Angels are expanding their ranks — to meet the need, in places like Woodside. Perhaps harmony in the US will be achieved through America’s Chinese and Spanish populations, helping to restore order, civility, and sanity to the larger community.

‘Changing the Paradigm’

Surrealism — the art movement — with its beginnings in 1920s Europe, is now the engine driving mainstream American society.

Inauguration Day

Real unity is built on truth and charity (love). President Biden’s remarks, while calling for unity, seemed to double down on the country’s self-defeating Covid response, its malevolent ‘racial justice’ movement, pernicious media, and sham election processes. Which taken together have shredded the nation and many of her people — with mental health (identity) issues continuing to dominate the narrative and fueling unrest.

In The Light

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King “If you think I came to tell you to hate white people you have the wrong man. Our goal is not to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to win his friendship and love.” Martin Luther King King’s approach to racial justice was rooted in Christian solidarity and love…

American Infantilism

Who are the true patriots? The boorish protesters? The boorish defenders of sham elections? Bill Belichick? For ‘self-rule’ to be viable, a lot of mature people need to use their freedom well for the common good. So, with today’s dominant forces (in society) driving people to be infantile, activist, self(ie)-seekers, everyone’s existence, and that of society, is imperiled. The Year of the Steal (society…

Chaos In DC

As the exterminating angels ravage the American scene, the year 2020 will be recalled for the widespread slaughter of society and persons — wrought by its dominating forces.

Thanksgiving Day

As per CDC guidelines.

‘New America(n)’

‘Build Back Better’ Baseless, soulless and faceless — unhinged from: Creator, Natural Law, and Constitution — arbitrary and absurd. “Man will occupy himself with re-registering mountains and rivers, and will earnestly and repeatedly make improvements in nature. In the end, he will have rebuilt the earth, if not in his own image, at least according to his own taste. We have not the slightest…

Veteran’s DAy

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace. In a special way we salute the election officials, poll workers, and programmers who have come forward with their sworn stories of voting fraud. The loss of the willingness and ability of government officials to conduct a correct election, leaves the US experiment in democracy all but over. The United States came into existence when its rebel founders succeeded in…

Biden Assumes Command

Far from affirming democracy (Harris), this election may be remembered for having broken democracy. On a night when he called for an end to “demonization,” Biden (and Harris) said America was “systemically racist.”

American Charade

What a sham(e). With pathological polling, malevolent reporting and harvested-glitch voting, how can democracy be said to be alive in the USA? In the make-believe world of this political cycle, with systemic fraud the norm, one kernel of truth offers hope for America’s future — the diverse and sincere 70+ million people who voted for Trump.

Trump Surge Underway

Black and Hispanic Americans are saying “I Can’t Breath,” to the anti-patriarchy pollution coming from the Left. ‘Progressive’ policies destroy persons and society. Truly woke people recognize that.

‘Reimagining’ Nature

“Shut it down!” No (good) future in that.

That Old Black Magic

“Down and down I go, ’round and ’round I go…” A mask does little for those who are immunocompromised (and can in fact kill them), but a lot to advance personal ‘self-estrangement,’ and its Marxist antidote — (Aufhebung) “abolition” of man/society. For progressives, attacking the virus with the mask reinforces their attack on the person — which harkens to Marx’ “negation of the negation.”…

Orangeman’s Response

Trump gets a bad rap for his Covid response, which is particularly galling given that he was mostly correct in his attempt to deal holistically with the crisis, keeping in mind the bigger picture — and the needs of society overall — not just isolating on one aspect. The calls to “stay home” and “shut it down” probably led to more deaths than anything…

Main Currents in American Thought

Contempt, rather than respect — for ones neighbor — is dominating the American scene, as people degenerate and disintegrate. If Trump has been irresponsible, it’s not for not wearing a mask (which in fact “does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection” and can indeed create new problems for healthy people). But rather in not checking his egoism. A Covid avoidance…

Got Spirit?

The greatness of black people in America has always been in proportion to their unity with the Holy Spirit. But today’s activists, guided by a materialist ideology — opposed to that Spirit — are being driven by a power that undermines the dignity and self-esteem they seek.

‘Soul Of America’

Claiming, during his DNC speech, that his campaign is about the “soul of America,” Joe Biden proceeded to curse his country, insisting that “no miracle is coming” for Covid sufferers. Later he stated the need “to do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” Thereby adding to the curse and fueling the doom. By encouraging the “systemic racism” narrative of the protesters,…

Dem Dogs of August

Few people have more to be grateful for than former President Obama, and by extension African Americans in recent years. And yet his remarks at the Democrat (Zoo)m Convention were more a litany of contempt, ingratitude and resentments — sure to stultify rather than ennoble his followers, turning them into savages rather than healthy men and women. If President Trump were more “serious,” he…

Rebels Killing Rebels

American style democracy — “by the people” — was founded by rebels oriented to (building a society around) the truth of man, and freeing themselves from British tyranny. But today’s rebels for democracy (diversity, inclusion, equality), guided by Marxist thought, are rebelling against truth itself, and making a mess of themselves and society. The problems of the status quo can’t be fixed by the…


Woodside, NY – July 4, 2020

‘Black As Hell’

Black Moldification (BLM) = racists demanding ‘justice,’ enslaving black people with (Marxist) excremental thought, diminishing rather than enhancing their dignity.  


The involvement of Democrat leaders in the recent assaults on American society, should make it easy for non-Democrats to prevail in November. Recent (June) polling in Pennsylvania shows Trump with a 4% point lead over Biden — after trailing him there earlier in the year.

The Power of Negative Thinking

The murder and mayhem in the US, can be traced back to the miseducation in American higher education, and the lessons of still-in-vogue Marxist instructors like Herbert Marcuse, who professed: “Nothing is ‘real’ which does not sustain itself in existence, in a life and death struggle with the situations and conditions of its existence.” And “identity is only the continuous negation of inadequate existence.”…

American Black Hole

One day the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) was delivering new paintings to her dealer Edith Halpert, when Halpert exclaimed: “Another flower, Georgia?” To which O’Keeffe replied: “No, it’s my ass.” Perhaps O’Keeffe was prescient in anticipating the metaphysical and literal black hole of American society, as seen in Superbowl LIV (from the twerking halftime performers to the Snickers selfiesiders) and the Iowa Caucuses….

The Right Stuff

Original NASA videotape of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, to be sold at Sotheby’s.

The Beyond

Art aficionados in the NY/Boston area might enjoy an excursion to the New Britain (CT) Museum of American Art, to see The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art, which closes on June 2. If post-modern art is about self-expression through performance art (selfies on instagram), then O’Keeffe can be seen as one of its progenitors.


On this Memorial Day, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and also those architects of American foreign policy (from TR to Bolton) over the years who acted badly — using the US military in wrongheaded ways, and destroying countless lives — while bankrupting the nation and making the world more peace-less.

Genocide In Rwanda

“Why had the devil been allowed to walk among us unchallenged, poisoning hearts and minds until it was too late?” Immaculee Ilibagiza, “Left To Tell” (Hay House, 2006) On this the 25th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, one can see similarities to the way people were educated (deformed) in Rwanda, in the years leading up to the genocide, and the way many Americans…


This is America.