Armory Week

Ready-made busted on Park.

The Art Show

Billed as “the nations most respected and longest running art fair,” The Art Show is at the Park Avenue Armory through March 3.

NYC Public Advocate

New York City held a special election today to determine the city’s next Public Advocate.

Feminism, Art & #MeToo

One of the works presented at C24’s “Transfigured” exhibition was Abortion Goddess, by Jaishri Abichandani. Would that the 50 million+ babies aborted in the US (since 1973) had their own #Me Too movement. Would that feminists understood, that ultimate power and liberation are from the Spirit — rather than reducing it to just their body, which only leads to new forms of slavery.  

Erroneous Zone

‘Progressive’ politicians and activists have made New York the tip of the spear for a self-defeating and community-defeating putsch, that might even exceed that of Bezos and Amazon. Amazon’s departure from plans in Long Island City might be chalked up to capitalist animal spirits being slayed by progressive animal spirits. One local pol suggested that “Queen’s values” and Amazon were not a “good fit.”…

Fighting For Bordeaux

Grands Crus de Bordeaux are out with their 2016 wines. At a recent NYC tasting, we especially liked the Chateau Canon-La-Gaffeliere (Saint Emilion) and Chateau Durfort-Vivens (Margaux), as well as Chateau De Chantegrive (Graves). The Chateau De Chantegrive “Caroline” (Blanc, 2016) was especially good when paired later with Nepalese Momos — matching up well with Jhol sauce and their big spices.

The Winter Show

The Winter Show, formerly the Winter Art & Antiques Show, is underway at the Park Avenue and runs through Jan 27. This year’s show includes a loan exhibition: Collecting Nantucket, Connecting the World, with fine examples of paintings, craft and folk art from the Nantucket Historical Association. As always proceeds from the show benefit the East Side House.

Festival of Lights

Bohemian National Hall, NYC — December 8, 2018

Apocalyptic Landscapes @ Sotheby’s

Works by Rene Magritte (top) and Ludwig Meidner, in upcoming sales. On this Day of Remembrance, the effects of radical liberalism and nationalism (including Zionism) continue to plague society — with people unwilling/able to see their wrongheadedness, and be oriented to a more truthful way of living? “And the fire on the hearth, which has burnt low throughout the scene, leaps up into sudden…

American Art

The American Art Fair, at Bohemian Hall, through Nov. 13.

The Salon Art & Design

At the Park Avenue Armory through November 12. Gallerist David Gill shared a pic of a chair that he and Daniel Libeskind created.

Made In West Chelsea

Bjarke Ingels in his XI.

Election Meddling

Watched slack-jawed in Woodside as a ‘translator’ — in the voting booth — tried to show/tell a young (newly arrived) voter who to vote for. Republican victories today, seemed more a rebuke of progressives run amok than an embrace of the repugnant Trump.

NYC Marathon

The leaders approaching Mile 14, in Long Island City, Queens.

Modeling Freedom

The engraving, made by French/German printmaker Alfred Johannot (c.1830), around the time of Delecroix’s: Liberty Leading the People, depicts a black Catholic nun in Morocco dialoguing with a ‘liberty’ scholar. She seems to be skeptical of his notions (see her eyes and hands), perhaps having found true freedom and enlightenment in communion with her God. Coincidentally, there is presently an exhibition at Columbia University on…


International Fine Print Dealers Association Show at the Javits Center through October 28.

Dutch Masters at The Met

Being able to see four Vermeers in one room is especially noteworthy.

AI Art

‘Art’ made with the help of algorithms, will be included in the October 25th Prints & Multiples sale at Christie’s.

Next Stop Boston

Subway from 1917, pressed into service to help Yankee fans get to The Stadium on time.

Gallery Night

Gallery Night at the Fuller Building — September 12, 2018 Highlights included works by Jungin Lee, David Ligare and Burt Glinn.

Art Students League

Back in class.

Forcible Touching

She (the driver) didn’t even get a ticket. He (the bicyclist) barely survived.


At the Javits Center through 8/15.

Pride Kills

An unarmed black man, Jamill Jones, killed Sander Szabo, an unarmed white man, with one punch in Long Island City (8/5) — after Szabo mistakenly knocked on Jones’ car window, thinking it was his Uber car. Jones was charged with third-degree assault and released without having to post any bail. New York State law allows for perps who kill people — with one punch,…

Misfit Hive

Craig Fox and his crew of comedy misfits are working it out in Woodside — at the Project For Living Artists — in a collaboration that offers a platform for arting of all types.

Pride Day

“A man’s pride will bring him low. But a humble spirit will obtain honor.” Proverbs 29:23

Monumental O’Keeffe

The City of New York is seeking female candidates, to honor with a statue in Central Park. We recommend the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986), who spent several decades of her long and fruitful life in NYC — and as a true feminist worked hard, was excellent at what she did, and helped men to be better. The photo is from a recent Georgia…


High School Grad, NYC – June 22, 2018

Hang Loose @ NYBG

In 1939, the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe spent 3 months painting in Hawaii, as part of an artist series commissioned by the Dole Pineapple Company. Two of her Hawaii pictures (out of 20 made) were used in print ads for the company. The New York Botanical Garden has recently brought together the fruits of O’Keeffe’s time in Hawaii, in a show that runs through…