‘Not In Service’

America’s genocide against truth, goodness and Life itself, claimed it latest victim this evening, when a NYC bus driver slaughtered a pedestrian in a Jackson Heights crosswalk, with impunity — just days before Christians celebrate the coming into the world of the way the truth and the life.

Spotted in NYC

Asian Lanternfly – as seen October 31, 2021, in Queens.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2021 As the mayor of NYC seeks to eliminate curriculums for the city’s “gifted and talented” youth, one wonders who will be left to care for the growing population of emotionally disturbed and mentally disabled.

Stop Hating

“Resentment and anger, these are foul things, and both are found with the sinner. He who exacts vengeance will experience the vengeance of the Lord, who keeps strict account of sin. Forgive your neighbor the hurt he does you, and when you pray, your sins will be forgiven.” Ecclesiasticus 27:33-28:9 The lost, and peaceless world of today appears to be driven more by hatred…

Armory Art Show 2021

Black Black Black.

All Roads Lead to Jackson Heights

The US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, visited the New Immigrant Community Empowerment office in Jackson Heights, 8/4.

How Red Is Amrica?

With crime in NYC out of control, and the police out of action, the Guardian Angels are expanding their ranks — to meet the need, in places like Woodside. Perhaps harmony in the US will be achieved through America’s Chinese and Spanish populations, helping to restore order, civility, and sanity to the larger community.

Goats of Queens

Not unlike NYC’s Vision Zero program — and the slaughter of pedestrians, due to motorist rage over Di Blasio’s anti-vehicle policies.


The culture war in the US is nothing less than a genocide, informed by Marx and Freud. The unrepressed ‘change’ agents are destroying society and themselves, claiming ‘justice.’

Meditating on Life

There is greater evidence to support the view that more healthy people will be harmed by excessive mask wearing (with CO2 emissions), than protected by it.

Trump Coalition

Black, Spanish, and Muslim men will have had a decisive impact — if Trump is re-elected.

Say No To Marxist Thought

Teaching Marxism, as a religion, needs to be discontinued in American schools.

Dust and Shadows

There should be a funeral for New York City, and the place should be renamed.


July 29, 2020 – Fifth Avenue.

March of Negative Thinkers

July 26, 2020 – Woodside, NYC. A new world of peace isn’t achieved by clinging to old-world resentments.

Phase IV Reopening

Echoing the corpse that NYC city has become.


All black lives matter, even the unborn. By emphasizing material power, BLM eclipses the spirit — the source of true dignity and real power — leaving individuals and society injured and maimed.


Woodside, NY – July 4, 2020

Phase II Reopening

Curbside pick-up on Fifth Avenue.

White Pawns

Democratic society depends on citizens possessing inner freedom and reasonableness — both in short supply today, especially among those guided by ‘dialectical thought,’ which doesn’t bode well for the republic. The ranks have been swollen by white folks, hysterically wo(r)king to wipe-out the baby along with the bathwater.

Doctors Without Borders

East 34th St. — June 9, 2020 At this point in the pandemic, the requirement for everyone to wear masks and social distance is absurd, even harmful. Doctors know that, but unbalanced politicians have a different agenda, one that is ultimately at war with the people they are called to serve and protect.

Rocked Center

June 3, 2020 The moniker ‘peaceful protesters’ is as disingenuous as ‘systemic racism,’ and probably cooked-up by the same strategists.  


Living Under Cov(id)er

“All societies end up wearing masks.” Jean Baudrillard