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FourSeasonsAshTraysLotus Editions is offering a complete set of vintage ashtrays from The Four Seasons restaurant, with matchboxes. Contact:



JoanRiversJoanRivers2From Faberge to a Tiffany dog house, the private collection of American comedian Joan Rivers is taking place on-line and at Christie’s NY, June 16-23.

AbsurdPhotograph: Stephen Wise

CorneliusShawn Cornelius — poet, musician, and producer of R&B/Jazz/Soul, at work on his latest music video in Grand Central Station.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

FriarsClub-Sinatra4FriarsClub-Sinatra2FriarsClub-Sinatra3The Friars Club remembered entertainment icon Frank Sinatra this evening at the Pierre Hotel in NYC.

Guests included: Larry King, Dionne Warwick, Steve Tyrell, Robert Devi, and Deana Martin, along with members of the Wounded Warriors (U.S service members).



SantaCon2015gSantaCon2015cSantaCon2015hSantaCon: East Village, NYC – Dec. 12, 2015

Photographs: Stephen Wise


RememberingMarvinHamlisch1RememberingMarvinHamlishNow Available: Remembering Marvin Hamlisch: “The People’s Composer” a photography book celebrating the life and work of Marvin Hamlisch (1944-2012), an iconic American composer and conductor — created by Terre Blair Hamlisch and photographer Len Prince (photo, left and center, Todd Ellison, right)).

Mr. Hamlisch’s contribution to the American Songbook includes music from the films: The Way We Were, The Sting and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Mr. Ellison, who worked with Mr. Hamlisch on Ballroom and The Nutty Professor, commented that he especially liked “While I Still Have The Time.”

Ferrari290MMThis 1956 Ferrari 290MM was sold for $28 million at Sotheby’s in NY today.

TELTEL2“Arabs could be swung on an idea as on a cord; for the unpledged allegiance of their minds made them obedient servants. None of them would escape the bond till success had come, and with it responsibility and duty and engagements. Then the idea was gone and the work ended in ruins.” T.E. Lawrence, Revolt in the Desert (Doran, 1927)

A trove of T.E. Lawrence materials will be part of the Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts sale at Christie’s NY, 12/8.

BlackLivesMatterNBC“You have obviously resisted the tyranny of the neighborhood—that defeatist and basically cowardly notion that to excel in academics is to succumb to the ‘white thing’ or that you are fools to apply yourself when there are easier ways to get over…” Arthur Ashe, Address to a Black College graduating class


Dorthy1Judy Garland’s “Dorthy” dress (1 of 10), from The Wizard of Oz, sold for $1.5 million today at Bonhams in NYC.

A Munchkin Soldier Jacket, also from The Wizard of Oz, went for $12,500.


UnarmedBlackManAn ‘unarmed’ black man winds up to deliver a knockout blow to an unarmed white woman in Atlantic City, NJ, 10/17.

EmmanuelleChoussyFrench model turned photographer Emmanuelle Choussy in action in Manhattan.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

HGTVNYNow2015-MailegNYNow2015-Skulls1All things Viking and Scandinavia are hot in 2015, with Detroit and Cuba on deck for 2016, that according to interior design maven Genevieve Gorder, speaking at a HGTV event yesterday.

Which may explain the popularity of Maileg dolls (middle photo) from Demark. Or perhaps it was Maileg that helped to fuel the Scandinavia trend. They’ve been around for years, but seem to always remain new with endless variations.

Animal skulls (even inflatable) are hot at this year’s NY NOW. Interestingly, the people selling them, who we spoke with (including business owners), never heard of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Kids“What happened?”

GuinnessNitroIPA-JoseOrtegaCreating new possibilities for its famous yeast, Guinness, the Irish Dry Stout (that is “good for you”), is out with new varieties that should put smiles on the faces of Stout lovers around the world.

One of the great joys in life is a pint of Guinness after rigorous exercise. That will be especially true with the just released Guinness Nitro IPA, and its citrus finish.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

NYPDFifthAveJuly 17, 2015 — Fifth Avenue

Photograph: Stephen Wise


YesMeansYes2Sunflower-Bee2New York’s sexual consent policy for college students goes into effect today.

…and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes

and then he asked me would I yes…

and first I put my arms around him yes

and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes

and his heart was going like mad

and yes I said yes I will Yes.

James Joyce

Photographs: Stephen Wise

MeditatePhotograph: Stephen Wise

LettermanLetterman-ThanksDavePhotographs: Stephen Wise

CatskillProvisions-ClaireMarinFor Mad Men viewers, looking for a special Rye to watch the final episode with, may we suggestt Catskill Provisions NY Honey Whiskey.

In addition to whiskey Catskill Provisions has an array of small-batch finely crafted products including: Honey, Maple Syrup, Pancake Mix, Chocolate Truffles, Ketchup and Marinade.

Photo: Company Co-Founder Claire Marin at a recent tasting.

WomenPhotograph: Stephen Wise

NYIAS2015fNYIAS2015gNYIAS2015eThe New York International Auto Show is at the Javits Center — April 3-12, 2015.

Photographs: Stephen Wise.

MadMen5Today’s EDP’s are nostalgic for yesterday’s Mad Men.

JordanLouis2015Photograph: Stephen Wise

HelmutNewton-TVMurderCannesBonhams held an auction: The Art of Fashion Photography, in New York City yesterday. It featured works by a who’s who line-up of photographers from: William Klein and Horst P. Horst, to David LaChapelle and Rankin. At least one third of the lots were unsold. Many others went for around the low estimate. The top seller, for $20,000 (plus fees), was TV, Murder, Cannes (1975) by Helmut Newton (1920-2004).

SONY2014For Americans starving for truth, justice, and peace this Christmas Season, the North Korean hackers are serving up more of it than Sony Pictures.

The hackers will have provided a valuable public service if their revelations help to awaken people to the complicity and full knowledge of the despicable producers of the nefarious content foisted on impressionable moviegoers. Artistic freedom should not be seen as absolute for individuals and societies seeking to be healthy.

President Obama chided Sony for pulling the movie “The Interview” (depicting a CIA assassination of Kim Jong-Un), after the withering North Korean hacker response to the movie, saying Sony had “made a mistake.” It’s unlikely Mr. Obama would have been so glib if the movie had depicted a CIA plot to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, or even himself.

Mr. Obama’s efforts to undermine various heads-of-state (Asaad, Putin, Jong-Un) make him the greatest threat to peace and stability in the world today.

MenInBlackPhotograph: Stephen Wise


ComicCon2014Helvetika Bold, the social justice superhero, is seeking a paradigm shift at New York Comic Con (or perhaps regression in the service of development).

Photograph: Stephen Wise

WaldorfBuzzAt the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel (recently purchased by Bejing-based Anbang Insurance Group), the culinary staff has come up with a honey-flavored brown ale, made with honey produced by bees housed on the roof of the hotel (bottom photo).

The Honey Brown Ale is a joint venture with Empire Brewing, located in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. The limited batch is only available at the hotel’s Peacock Alley, while supplies last.

The ale’s hint of caramel and nuttiness, with a subtle sweet finish, offers a great beer drinking experience, alone and with food.

WaldorfBees (2)Photographs: Stephen Wise


FashionWeek09-14mFashionWeek09-14gFashionWeek0914ePhotographs: Stephen Wise


FriarsClub2013Rickles (2)Joan Rivers regaled her colleagues at last year’s Friars Club Roast of Don Rickles. Included in the photo are: John Meyer, Aturo Sandoval, Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Kathy Griffin, Freddie Roman, Bob Saget & Jack Black.


Photograph: Stephen Wise

CzechDance2014jCzechDance2014bCzechDance2014 (2)CzechDance2014yyCzech Dance Panorama, a dance event and fashion show, held last night at the Bohemian National Hall in NYC, included the street dance show T-Bass.

One of the dance routines by T-Bass included the rap lyrics: “too afraid to grow-up.”

The rebellion and self-seeking, that underlies today’s data driven world (of egos & algos), is making harder for people to grow-up.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

VladHolidayVlad Holiday, front man for the alternative rock band Born Cages, worked on a video in Tompkins Square Park today.

The American ‘way of life’ is producing plenty of displaced (and caged) persons, at home and abroad.

LuvBombLove Bombs by Georgian artists Eteri & Gocha Chkadua.