Today’s Activist Woman

The #MeToo movement has exposed some bad behaving men (and boys), but also a lot of discombobulated and unhinged women — made more so by their activism. Artist: Sarah J

‘High Times’

One of America’s treasures is her black community, which today is the dominant influence in American culture. The driving force behind black greatness has always been a healthy dose of spirit (Holy Spirit). But at a time when black Americans have acquired enormous resources, opportunity and material power, there has sadly been an diminishing of that true (holy) spirit — because of activism (“loud…

Ballet Hispanico

Ballet Hispanico, the Latin Dance organization, held their Carnaval Gala 2018 on Monday evening at the Plaza Hotel. Honorees included Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Carolina Herrera, and Marcos Torres.

What’s Driving American Culture?

Will to power and the road to hell — no future in that. The better way is to align one’s will, not with demonic possession but with the divine will.

Badass Couture

Denneis Hopper T-shirt, available at Hayward House, NYC.

Year of the Groper

Twenty-Seventeen will be remembered as a year that saw the Modern State of Israel, the greatest groper of them all, grabbing Jerusalem as its capital, with an  endorsement from America’s Groper-In-Chief. And countless women, many who have no problem killing their own babies, lining up to get men fired for so-called inappropriate behavior. At a time of heightened focus on identity (“This is who…

Fall Look

Climate change.

Customized Solution

Meatpacking District, NYC – June 13, 2017

‘New Era’

Puerto Rico Day, NYC – June 11, 2017

New York Indian Film Festival

The Indo-American Arts Council is gearing up for its New York Indian Film Festival (April 30-May 7) at various locations around Manhattan. With 85 shorts, features, and documentaries — including father-son themes, mental health issues, and the Big “O” (Lipstick Under My Burka) — there is something for everyone.

Psychosis in America

“It is possible that insanity, or a part of insanity, will prove to be less dependent upon intrinsic defects of the individual than on the conditions in which he has to live, and the future may determine that it is not the individual who must be eliminated, but the conditions which must be modified.” Bernard Hart In recent days James Dolan, owner of the…

Fashion Week

We asked one fashionista what he thought of the eagerly anticipated Calvin Klein show today. He said: “It was ookaaay.”

Fashion Corner

57th & 5th — 1/11/16

Temple Songs

Jewelry designer Temple St. Clair is out with her magnum opus, “The Golden Menagerie” — a glimpse at the mystery and process of her stunning designs.

Remembering the Dead

Liberation from evil?

‘Warrior For Love’

Describing himself as a “warrior for love,” hairdresser Van Council, owner of Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, GA, performed today in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria at this year’s Intercoiffure Fall Atelier. We recommend: Artego “Rain Dance” Cream Shampoo & Serum Oil.

‘Many Tribes One Vision’

Intercoiffure’s 2016 Fall Atelier  

Terror & Bliss

Pride will not set us free, but truth will.

What’s the Fuss?

Richard Avedon’s Brigitte Bardot sold at Phillips NY on October 6, 2016.  Behind the auctioneer is a work by Adam Fuss.

Collapse of Modernism

This handmade Tiffany Sterling Silver shot glass (c.1960) is worth no more than the price of the silver ($19/oz.) — to several silver dealers we spoke with recently. One said that people are buying Tiffany more for the box than for what’s inside. Much of what had value (and price) in America years ago is worth nothing today.

Expressive Abstraction

East Village – September 20, 2016

Reality 2.0

American pop-culture, from Storage Wars to Duck Dynasty, seen in a Midtown dumpster yesterday.

After the Parade

Dominican Day, Fifth Avenue NYC – August 14, 2016