At the Javits Center through February 5.


At the Javits Center through 8/15.

Cold Brew Coffee

Stumptown, with their new “Organic Ethiopia Guji,” and the NYPL are a good fit.

NY International Auto Show

At the Javits Center through April 23. Tesla is nowhere to be found, but the design legacy of Bob Lutz is all around — including in the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta (middle photo) which seems to be cross between Lutz’s Merkur XR4TI and Scorpio models of the 1980s.


Cleaning the robots, 43rd & 3rd – February 16, 2017 The future of humanity will require undoing some of the so-called progress of the present.

Bag Guys

Seemingly unphased by the retail exodus from Midtown, Louis Vuitton soldiers on.

Temple Songs

Jewelry designer Temple St. Clair is out with her magnum opus, “The Golden Menagerie” — a glimpse at the mystery and process of her stunning designs.

Same Sky Presents

Suggesting that “we need to have a lot more gratitude” (for what we have) and greater consciousness for, and connection with, those who are making the things we buy, Francine LeFrak introduced Same Sky’s latest jewelry at an evening of ethical shopping on Wednesday. Same Sky employees women who were victims of war and genocide in Rwanda, as well as female parolees in the US, to…

Collapse of Modernism

This handmade Tiffany Sterling Silver shot glass (c.1960) is worth no more than the price of the silver ($19/oz.) — to several silver dealers we spoke with recently. One said that people are buying Tiffany more for the box than for what’s inside. Much of what had value (and price) in America years ago is worth nothing today.

Waldorf Astoria @ 85

The Waldorf Astoria, as it is presently known, will be no more as of March 1, 2017.


NY NOW, billed as “the market for home, lifestyle and gift,” is at the Javits Center through August 24, 2016. Of special note at this year’s show are chocolates from Louis Sherry (NYC), and products from Taiwan, especially those made by David Hsu, with Treether — a hybrid wood/leather material. We also recommend Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion for cocktail seasoning and marinade.

Summer Breeze

Happy to offer two splendid twentieth-century works of American art. Top – Thom Wasley, “Squall Eastward (Buckroe Beach, VA),” 1960s; acrylic on English flax canvas (23″ x 28″) Bottom – C. Michael Dudash, “Picnic,” 1993; oil on canvas (8″ x 10″) For more information: stephen@lotuseditions.com  


The opening of a new Dunkin Donuts in Woodside (4 stores within 16 blocks of each other), included placing a company sign on a poll that has been a memorial for a Filipino man murdered on the same spot. No doubt the new Dunkin Donuts will have a similar effect on the Filipino bakeries along that part of Roosevelt Ave., known as Little Manila. One wonders…

The Four Seasons – Ashtrays

Lotus Editions is offering a complete set of vintage ashtrays from The Four Seasons restaurant, with matchboxes. Contact: stephen@lotuseditions.com

‘We Are America’

One day after The Four Seasons Restaurant, a modernist monument once considered the most important restaurant in the world, auctioned off the last of its Philip Johnson banquettes and Mies Van der Rohe chairs—and turned off the lights, president Obama told the DNC, the US is “stronger and more prosperous than when we started.” Mr. Obama likes to take credit for saving the country from the Great Recession of…

Garage Works

In America’s garages, innovation is leading to liquidation.  

Mad Moment

A Steve Madden pop-up sale, in a Woodside parking lot, attracted motivated shoppers from far and wide.

Latin American Art

It’s easy to lose one’s balance with much of the Latin American contemporary art up for auction this week in NYC. Those seeking artwork — more grounded in essential truths — might consider Mujer Meditando (bottom), by Mexican muralist Gilberto Ramirez (c.1963), available through Lotus Editions.

2016 New York International Auto Show

The show is open to the public March 25 – April 3. Photographs: Stephen Wise

NY Now

The Gift show, with 2400 exhibiting companies from 65 countries, at the Javits Center through Feb, 3.

Party’s Over

A Party Rental truck was seen leaving the NY Fed this evening, just hours after the Federal Reserve Board announced a hike in interest rates for the first time since 2006.

$28 Million Ferrari

This 1956 Ferrari 290MM was sold for $28 million at Sotheby’s in NY today.

No More Easy Days

Cheerleaders (Losing the Game, 1952), by Norman Rockwell, will be in Sotheby’s American Art Sale on Nov. 18.

The Al Taubman Show

“You may find there’s more similarity in the challenge of marketing a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible.” Alfred Taubman The art collection (500 works) of Alfred Taubman (1924-2015), retail magnate and former owner of Sotheby’s, is currently on display at Sotheby’s New York — and will be sold in a series of auctions…

Stella Artois NOVA

Stella Artois is out with an all-in-one refigerating countertop draught unit, created by Marc Thorpe, for a perfect pour every time (37-41 degrees F).

Virginia Cocktail

We recommend MV’s Fine Virginia Peanuts in a variety of flavors, including: Cajun, Jalapeno, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Toffee.

Irish Design 2015

The Irish are back to making stuff these days, really excellent hand-made stuff. From fine linens and crystal, to soap and pottery, here are some of our favorites from this year’s NY NOW: Irish Linen House, 31 Chapel Lane, Foxford, Arran Street East, J. Hills Standard LTD, and The Handmade Soap Company.

L’Art de Brand

De Brand, at NY NOW, is one of the really good chocolate companies in America. Photograph: Stephen Wise

Summer NY Now

NY NOW: the Market for Home & Lifestyle is underway and runs through Aug, 19 at the Javits Center. We ran into the Whitneys, from Sarasota Florida today. He paints and she makes jewelry. They’ve been together for 47 years — “a loooonng time!” she said. Today they seemed happy and making great work together. Photograph: Stephen Wise

Guinness Evolves

Creating new possibilities for its famous yeast, Guinness, the Irish Dry Stout (that is “good for you”), is out with new varieties that should put smiles on the faces of Stout lovers around the world. One of the great joys in life is a pint of Guinness after rigorous exercise. That will be especially true with the just released Guinness Nitro IPA, and its citrus finish. Photographs: Stephen…

New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show is at the Javits Center — April 3-12, 2015. Photographs: Stephen Wise.

New York is So Over

A recent Google search of “New York is so over” yielded 18,000+ results. “What does an American think about the land, what dreams come from the sight of it, what painful dreaming? Are they only money dreams, power dreams? Is that why the land lies desolate like a loved woman who has been forgotten? Has she been misused through dreams of power and conquest?”…

Unfair Pedi-Fare

New York pedicab drivers continue to scam tourists.The unsuspecting couple in this pedicab on 5th Avenue didn’t know they were going to be charged $5.50/minute. That information is covered-up on the side of the cab until it’s too late and riders are told they owe hundreds of dollars. When LE informed the couple what was going on they quickly ended the ride.

India Today

Prominent Indian investors, business leaders, academics, and MPs gathered in New York, ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s appearance there, to discuss India’s economic situation and the prospects for improvement under the new Prime Minister. In one of the sessions — Dial India for Investment, the panelists seemed united in their view that India needs fundamental change (after 60 years of socialist policies, corruption, and decision making…

The World of Clean

Our favorite products at NY Now were: Clean eau de parfum, Scottish Fine Soaps, Acca Kappa soaps, and Virginia Cocktail Fine Virginia Peanuts. Pig-themed products seemed to be everywhere, from Hammond’s Pigs N’ Taters (milk chocolate with bacon bits), to pig dolls from Maileg.    

Contain Yourself

NY NOW, billed as the ‘market for home and lifestyle,’ opened today with 2800+ vendors from 55 countries. A couple of products that caught our eye — the personal microbe manager mask from Tutem and the yoga cushion from MyZenHome.

Puddin’ by Clio

Puddin’, on St. Marks Place, is the place to go for pudding in NYC. Photographs: Stephen Wise

Cupcake ATM

Perhaps we’ll soon see ‘artwork’ sold through ATM machines.