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Degas-ThreeDancersDegas-LesDessinsEdgar Degas (1834-1917), a leading figure in modern art, was an innovator — but very much rooted in tradition. His contribution to the world of art offers access to the world of grace, for the sensitive observer.

Several years after Degas’ passing his friend Henri Riviere (also a painter and printmaker) reproduced 100 Degas works, in a tour-de-force project of 250 portfolios. Woodside Fine Art has one of the portfolios — with 77 original reproductions. Subjects include the full gamut of Degas’ oeuvre: from ballet dancers to bathers; cabaret singers to cotton traders.


DanielRichDanielRich3DanielRich2Daniel Rich at Peter Blum Gallery.

SalmagundiClub2SalmagundiClubSalmagundiClub3From the Salmagundi SCNY Fine Art Centennial Exhibition & Sale, which concludes March 23.



ArmoryShow2018nThe Armory Show — March 11, 2017

What matters most, even for refugees, is freedom of spirit which can be difficult to find in the ‘new world,’ enslaved by sin — especially among those who disrupt and plunder other countries (Syria for instance) — creating humanitarian crises.


ArmoryShow2018iArmoryShow2018hPostmodernism (since the 1960s) saw a movement away from abstraction into more figurative works — with appropriation and the artist’s identity the subject of the artwork. Today the viewer is increasingly taking-on/appropriating the role of subject.


Volta2018Volta2018cVolte-ThomasVinsonWith disintegration all around, the positive forms: casts, reliefs and drawings of Thomas Vinson (bottom photo) at Galerie Wenger, offer some consolation.


ChrisMarker-KoreaChrisMarker-Korea2ChrisMarker-Korea3ChrisMarker-Korea3Chris Marker (1921-2012), a French journalist and filmaker, was given a unique opportunity to travel and explore North Korea in 1957. Some of his images from that time — prescient, pointed and poignant — are exhibited and for sale at the Peter Blum Gallery in The Art Show.

TheArtShow2018The Art Show, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), is at the Park Avenue Armory through March 4, 2018.

This year’s highlights include the March 1 keynote address: “The Value of ‘Dead’ Art: Afterlives of Damaged Works,” by Christiane Fischer of AXA Art Americas.

StaleyWise-DemarchelierStaleyWise-Demarchelier3Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs 1992-2017 at Staley-Wise Gallery, through April 21, 2018.

ChuckCloseIt was announced that the National Gallery Of Art, in Washington, is cancelling an upcoming exhibition of works by American artist Chuck Close, over ‘inappropriate behavior.’

Allowing the show to go on might have been more constructive and instructive, with recent revelations helping to better contextualize Mr. Close’s meditations on identity.


Morgan-HujarThe Morgan Library and Museum is mounting a show of photographs by Peter Hujar (1934-87).


JerlynMarieJerlyn Marie, with her work “El Desinteresado,” at a recent Project For Living Artists group show in Woodside.

WinterAntiquesShow2018WinterAntiquesShow2018cWinterAntiquesShow2018bBilled as America’s leading art, antiques and design show, the 64th installment of the Winter Antiques Show is underway, and runs through Jan. 28 at the Park Avenue Armory.

NYC&G18cNYC&G18bNYC&G18Through January 21 at the National Bohemian Hall.



Greenberg1217SteveSchapiroHoward Greenberg Gallery has an all-star line-up of important photographic works, including some by Steve Shapiro, chronicler of luminaries such as Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Muhammad Ali, through Jan. 18.

Shroud-ChristiesBorrowing from G.B. Shaw, history is being written by those who echo the cry of “Not this man, but Barabbas!” — and in this case calling it ‘Salvator Mundi.’

BCABCA9BCA12At a time when political and psychic upheaval are increasingly intertwined — with pathology and disintegration all around — those seeking a truly coherent union of persons are having to first find in themselves, in union with their Creator.

Into the breach, Bryn Cohn + Artists, a New York-based contemporary dance company, will be presenting “The Art of Loss” (February 16-18), with programs old and new that “address the current sociopolitical climate in our world” through the lens of identity, lost and found.

BerkshireMuseum2The American Art sale at Sotheby’s went on Monday minus seven lots — including two paintings created and gifted by Norman Rockwell to the Berkshire Museum. Museum officials had sought to sell the works with proceeds going to help the ‘new’ Berkshire Museum “break down traditional boundaries.” A legal action halted the sale of the treasured objects for now.

Topaz-BurmesterSolo multimedia exhibition by Kathrin Burmester, LA-based artist from Germany, at TOPAZ ARTS in Woodside, through December 17…a slithering meditation on “thingness.” Viewing hours: Saturdays 1-5pm or by appointment.

SalonAD2017SalonAD2017bSalonAD2017cAt the Park Avenue Armory through November 13.

DAGModernDAGModern2DAG Modern is mounting an important exhibition of works by Indian artists who benefited from a program initiated by John D. Rockefeller III in 1963.


PaceFor Agnes Martin, Richard Tuttle, and Chuck Close.

christie's-leonardocrystalballChristie’s in New York is planning to sell a supposedly rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) painting titled, “Salvator Mundi” (Savior of the World).

One can’t help but wonder about the crystal ball held by the supposed Jesus — with its see-through rather than refracted qualities. Plus the fact that crystal balls, long associated with fortune-tellers and the occult, were/are viewed by the Church as heretical objects. For Jesus to be depicted holding a crystal ball (even with da Vinci’s connection to science) seems to be a joke or worse a kind of sneer. Plus his chest looks like that of a woman — not what you would expect from a sincere artist, who mastered human anatomy, trying to imitate Christ.

Henry Thomas, a da Vinci biographer, wrote in 1940: “Leonardo was not a member of the Church. But he was a follower of Jesus. He showed this not only in his exquisitely sympathetic drawing of Christ’s face (referring to other works) but in the equally sympathetic understanding of Christ’s thought.”

TEFAF2017aTEFAF2017bTEFAF2017TEFAF, the international art fair, is at the Park Avenue Armory through Nov. 1.

India-GreenbergHoward Greenberg Gallery opened a show of works by three acclaimed photogs from India, Japan, and the U.S. — Raghubir Singh, Kenro Izu, and William Gedney — each with their own take on the sublime land of suffering and joy.

PLC3PLC2PLC1Project Life Center, in Woodside (38-02 61st St.), is hosting a mega-art happening this Saturday Oct. 21 (7PM-11PM), featuring 50 contemporary artists — most of whom apprenticed on buildings near you — exhibiting and selling their paintings. The work will remain on view until Nov. 16.


DrawingNYPLBryant Park – September 29, 2017

Morgan-Thaw3Morgan-Thaw4One-Hundred and Fifty Master Drawings, from the Eugene Thaw Collection, at The Morgan through January 7, 2018. The works range from the Renaissance to the twentieth-century — Mantegna to Pollack.

StreetArt2017WoodsideWoodside, NY – September 26, 2016