Armory Art Show 2021

Black Black Black.

‘Dark’ – Art Movement

Historically, black power, progress, and greatness — in art and life — have emanated from the Spirit. Today’s black activists, following Marxist materialism, are pushing a “my arms are bigger than yours” approach — that ultimately eclipses the Spirit, and leads to hearts of stone.


In a world where people often act as though God doesn’t exist and truth doesn’t matter, it’s reassuring to discover His presence — holding onto His creation — still in the picture.


  A medical glove tied to a fence dances in the wind, Easter Sunday — Queens, NY.

‘Venice Recalled’

With coronavirus (Covid-19) sickening Italy, the photographs of Bernhardt Hildebrandt arrive offering a meditation on movement through time — what endures and what passes away. At Barbara Mathes Gallery through March 27.

American Black Hole

One day the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) was delivering new paintings to her dealer Edith Halpert, when Halpert exclaimed: “Another flower, Georgia?” To which O’Keeffe replied: “No, it’s my ass.” Perhaps O’Keeffe was prescient in anticipating the metaphysical and literal black hole of American society, as seen in Superbowl LIV (from the twerking halftime performers to the Snickers selfiesiders) and the Iowa Caucuses….

The Winter Show

Antiques, art and design at the Park Avenue Armory through February 2, 2020.

Salon Art & Design

Through November 18 at the Park Avenue Armory.


The European Fine Art Foundation at the Park Avenue Armory through Nov. 5.


The International Fine Print Dealers Association annual fair runs through October 27 at the Javits Center.

Female Gaze

Photo Plus, at the Javits Center through October 26.


The “Epoch Center,” a group show, at The Living Artist in Woodside (38-02 61st St.) through September 26.

The Right Stuff

Original NASA videotape of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, to be sold at Sotheby’s.

The Beyond

Art aficionados in the NY/Boston area might enjoy an excursion to the New Britain (CT) Museum of American Art, to see The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art, which closes on June 2. If post-modern art is about self-expression through performance art (selfies on instagram), then O’Keeffe can be seen as one of its progenitors.

All Is One

With Pelosi and Trump accusing each other of being “crazy,” Americans are finding the only thing that unites them is mental illness. Enter Misfit Hive, a comedy troupe in Woodside that features (self-professed) mentally-ill comedians, performing and raising money for their like-minded neighbors.

$91,100,000 Rabbit

Artwork: Jeff Koons


Frank Stella at Christie’s.

Ballet Hispanico Gala 2019

With the theme: Uniting-Inspiring One Dance at a Time, Ballet Hispanico held their 2019 Carnaval Gala last evening at the Plaza. Lourdes Lopez, Artistic Director of Miami City Ballet, was honored.


At the Park Avenue Armory through May 7.

Asian Art Week

The ongoing story with Asian art, especially Chinese art, is the restrictiveness on the part of various parties as to what is acceptable.

Armory Week

Ready-made busted on Park.

The Art Show

Billed as “the nations most respected and longest running art fair,” The Art Show is at the Park Avenue Armory through March 3.

Feminism, Art & #MeToo

One of the works presented at C24’s “Transfigured” exhibition was Abortion Goddess, by Jaishri Abichandani. Would that the 50 million+ babies aborted in the US (since 1973) had their own #Me Too movement. Would that feminists understood, that ultimate power and liberation are from the Spirit — rather than reducing it to just their body, which only leads to new forms of slavery.  

The Winter Show

The Winter Show, formerly the Winter Art & Antiques Show, is underway at the Park Avenue and runs through Jan 27. This year’s show includes a loan exhibition: Collecting Nantucket, Connecting the World, with fine examples of paintings, craft and folk art from the Nantucket Historical Association. As always proceeds from the show benefit the East Side House.

Glass Outhouse Art Gallery

Whimsical gallerist Laurel Seidl (second from bottom), has created a serious venue for art in Wonder Valley, CA.

Apocalyptic Landscapes @ Sotheby’s

Works by Rene Magritte (top) and Ludwig Meidner, in upcoming sales. On this Day of Remembrance, the effects of radical liberalism and nationalism (including Zionism) continue to plague society — with people unwilling/able to see their wrongheadedness, and be oriented to a more truthful way of living? “And the fire on the hearth, which has burnt low throughout the scene, leaps up into sudden…

American Art

The American Art Fair, at Bohemian Hall, through Nov. 13.

The Salon Art & Design

At the Park Avenue Armory through November 12. Gallerist David Gill shared a pic of a chair that he and Daniel Libeskind created.

Modeling Freedom

The engraving, made by French/German printmaker Alfred Johannot (c.1830), around the time of Delecroix’s: Liberty Leading the People, depicts a black Catholic nun in Morocco dialoguing with a ‘liberty’ scholar. She seems to be skeptical of his notions (see her eyes and hands), perhaps having found true freedom and enlightenment in communion with her God. Coincidentally, there is presently an exhibition at Columbia University on…


At the Park Avenue Armory through October 31.