The Naked Lunch

Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights – April 10, 2022 The rebellious forces behind the make-believe — do-it yourself — identity movements, are leaving people alienated, malnourished and disturbed — not sure who or what they are — and at times homicidal and suicidal. The so-called mental health experts bear a significant responsibility for society’s attempt to alter nature — especially with respect to a person’s…

‘Dark’ – Art Movement

Historically, black power, progress, and greatness — in art and life — have emanated from the Spirit. Today’s black activists, following Marxist materialism, are pushing a “my arms are bigger than yours” approach — that ultimately eclipses the Spirit, and leads to hearts of stone.

GMO Gender

Would that the elites approached gender change, as a crisis, with as much vigor as they approach climate change. Instead they promote it. And the suicides just pile up.

Come, Holy Spirit!

According to Paul: “God…has qualified us to be ministers of a new covenant, not in a written code but in the Spirit: for the written code kills, but the Spirit gives life (2 Cor 3:6).” With mental health issues and identity destruction plaguing materialist societies, the best answer can be found in a return to the primordial garden, and our spiritual roots.

‘New America(n)’

‘Build Back Better’ Baseless, soulless and faceless — unhinged from: Creator, Natural Law, and Constitution — arbitrary and absurd. “Man will occupy himself with re-registering mountains and rivers, and will earnestly and repeatedly make improvements in nature. In the end, he will have rebuilt the earth, if not in his own image, at least according to his own taste. We have not the slightest…

Orientation or preference?

“Passion is the essential force of man energetically bent on its object.” Karl Marx, 1844 The underlying Marxism in progressive politics, has moved people to attempt a re-imagining of nature — with the true “self” reduced to, and obliterated by, data and sex organs.

Rebels Killing Rebels

American style democracy — “by the people” — was founded by rebels oriented to (building a society around) the truth of man, and freeing themselves from British tyranny. But today’s rebels for democracy (diversity, inclusion, equality), guided by Marxist thought, are rebelling against truth itself, and making a mess of themselves and society. The problems of the status quo can’t be fixed by the…

Father’s Day

Having thrown out motherhood long ago (“get your rosaries off my ovaries!”), the protesters are now trashing fatherhood, patriarchy — God, Himself.    

Living Under Cov(id)er

“All societies end up wearing masks.” Jean Baudrillard

International Women’s Day

The women’s (self-contradictory) movement, based on material power, continues to undo and crush the spirit and genius of true womanhood.

Pride Day

“A man’s pride will bring him low. But a humble spirit will obtain honor.” Proverbs 29:23

‘Father’s Day’

Since the French Revolution, succeeding generations have been intent on questioning, even demolishing paternal authority (fatherhood) — especially Heavenly Fatherhood — with the result being an epic crisis of identity.

FDNY @ St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A bit of a donnybrook is playing out in the FDNY as ‘progressive’ politicians seek to fill the ranks (previously dominated by Irish males) with greater numbers of women and people of color — lowering standards in some cases to do so — thereby jeopardizing public safety. In recent weeks there have been numerous fatalities in fires throughout NYC, where FDNY response may have…

Mending Hearts

“To perceive the healing of your brother as the healing of yourself…” The Course

Women’s March

Free Will + Choose Life = Truly Free Person

Losing It

As with Black Lives (BLM), the #MeToo movement, under the guise of seeking justice, is multiplying division, oppression, and madness within and among people. Young people are being misled, by infantile elders, with dialectical thinking — tempting them to believe that identity and freedom are achieved through continuous negation (“We fight, and kill, therefore we are”) — leading only to more evil, absurdity and nothingness….

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. “In the final analysis, the establishment of justice and peace in the world finds its solution in the human heart. And when the heart is not centered on God, man reverts to his original state of slavery and is subject to every kind of oppression from his fellow creatures.” Francis Fernandez

Good Neighbors

This couple from Mexico, on their first visit to the US, checks out Times Square, 11/29.

End Times

While it’s true we are in end times — have been for two thousand years — contemporary man is less prepared than ever to meet his last (divine) end in the consummation of human history, because he has broken the right order that should reign within himself as well as between himself and other men and all creatures. Only when that order is restored…

Rebellion of the Spirit

In conjunction with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the German Consulate General in NYC hosted an event on Nietzsche — himself a Protestant, showing the toxic individualism and socialism that his philosophy engendered. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is the modern representative of a form of individualism which strikes at all convention and public opinion, and seeks not only to overturn every accepted way of…

Comic Con

Have Western values made the Eastern man better? How about Western man? Ku Hung-Ming, The Story Of A Chinese Oxford Movement, 1910

Sign of the Times

How often we feel the need to escape in order to find peace. To be of the eternal now — to care about our soul, which is the only thing that really belongs to us — starts with having hearts open to mercy and forgiveness (of our neighbor). Then peace is ours.

Tabula Rasa

Back in 1916, at the height of World War I, Dadaism sought to replace any kind of rational order with the irrational, and radical politics sought to rapidly usher in a ‘new world’ (where presumably all would flourish) led by themselves. As a result, the anti-art movement and progressive (phallic) politics, built on nihilism, have produced a nation where government “by and with the consent…

Hang On

Obsessive/compulsive use of digital devices, by the fairer sex, continues to be a danger to persons and society.

‘Top Dog’

The American way of activism — featuring individuals in despair, driven by a peculiar admixture of aims, seeking justice (vengeance) and identity in their struggle for rights, while at the same time rebelling against truth and life itself — was on full display in the fulminations of opposing, yet similar, rebel groups in Charlottesville.

The Twist

Nowadays, women seeking to do men’s work are becoming mothers.

Freedom Train

“Passion for power over others will never cease to threaten mankind. Freedom can prevail only when protected by law, and it is axiomatic that law to be effective must have the constant support of public opinion grounded in the conscience of the citizen.” “The stability of free government in America and the chief bulwark of our safety lies not in legal enactments but in…

‘Young Visions’

New York City schoolchildren’s artwork, from the Studio in a School program, on display at Christie’s through June 29.