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Father'sDay2020Having thrown out motherhood long ago (“get your rosaries off my ovaries!”), the protesters are now devouring fatherhood, in their genocidal fury.

Given the way things are — with antifa/blm unlikely to be assuaged or defeated by anything Trump does, it seems more likely that they’ll align themselves with the Chinese government, offering an easy way for China to take charge and take over the US, whole.



StreetArtJacksonHeights“All societies end up wearing masks.” Jean Baudrillard


Women'sDayThe women’s (self-contradictory) movement, based on material power, continues to undo and crush the spirit and genius of true womanhood.





PrideDay18“A man’s pride will bring him low. But a humble spirit will obtain honor.” Proverbs 29:23

Father'sDay18Since the French Revolution, succeeding generations have been intent on questioning, even demolishing paternal authority (fatherhood) — especially Heavenly Fatherhood — with the result being an epic crisis of identity.

A bit of a donnybrook is playing out in the FDNY as ‘progressive’ politicians seek to fill the ranks (previously dominated by Irish males) with greater numbers of women and people of color — lowering standards in some cases to do so — thereby jeopardizing public safety. In recent weeks there have been numerous fatalities in fires throughout NYC, where FDNY response may have played a part, with possible causes ranging from incompetent newbies to dispirited vets.

When the Irish came to New York they were treated worse than black people, doing work that slave owners wouldn’t let their slaves do. Some advanced and climbed out of their misery through education, hard work, and being excellent. Sure there was corruption (see Tammany Hall), but mostly the Irish got ahead by deserving to get ahead, which should be true for everyone, especially in life and death jobs. But for that, leaders need to teach goodness. Relying on fraud and force, to deliver illusory progress, is harmful for everyone.

The good news is that some of the newbies are up to the job, and salty Irish vets of the FDNY, perhaps inspired by St. Patrick (himself a former slave), are making them welcome.

“To perceive the healing of your brother
as the healing of yourself…” The Course

Woman'sMarchNYC18bWoman'sMarchNYC18Free Will + Choose Life = Truly Free Person

StreetArt18c.JPGStreetArt18eAs with Black Lives (BLM), the #MeToo movement, under the guise of seeking justice, is multiplying division, oppression, and madness within and among people.

Young people are being misled, by infantile elders, with dialectical thinking — tempting them to believe that identity and freedom are achieved through continuous negation (“We fight, and kill, therefore we are”) — leading only to more evil, absurdity and nothingness.

At a time when it is de rigueur to question the mental fitness of the American president, one can say that those who fall into ‘identity extremism’ (IE) have lost it too.

RumseyCentralParkTurn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

“In the final analysis, the establishment of justice and peace in the world finds its solution in the human heart. And when the heart is not centered on God, man reverts to his original state of slavery and is subject to every kind of oppression from his fellow creatures.” Francis Fernandez


MexicanCoupleThis couple from Mexico, on their first visit to the US, checks out Times Square, 11/29.

PlayerWhile it’s true we are in end times — have been for two thousand years — contemporary man is less prepared than ever to meet his last (divine) end in the consummation of human history, because he has broken the right order that should reign within himself as well as between himself and other men and all creatures. Only when that order is restored can contemporary man be truly the new man.

nietzscheIn conjunction with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the German Consulate General in NYC hosted an event on Nietzsche — himself a Protestant, showing the toxic individualism and socialism that his philosophy engendered.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is the modern representative of a form of individualism which strikes at all convention and public opinion, and seeks not only to overturn every accepted way of life and conduct, but to denounce every notion of submission to a higher will and every unselfish virtue as a sign of slavery and decadence…”Life is will for power.” Today we see (at Yale) those who are rejecting the historic works of “white men” nonetheless following the animal instincts and base impulses of Nietzsche.

ComicCon2017Have Western values made the Eastern man better? How about Western man?

ChineseOxfordMovementKu Hung-Ming, The Story Of A Chinese Oxford Movement, 1910

StreetArt2017sHow often we feel the need to escape in order to find peace.

To be of the eternal now — to care about our soul, which is the only thing that really belongs to us — starts with having hearts open to mercy and forgiveness (of our neighbor). Then peace is ours.

TrumpProtesters092617bTrumpProtesters092617Back in 1916, at the height of World War I, Dadaism sought to replace any kind of rational order with the irrational, and radical politics sought to rapidly usher in a ‘new world’ (where presumably all would flourish) led by themselves. As a result, the anti-art movement and progressive (phallic) politics, built on nihilism, have produced a nation where government “by and with the consent of the people” is all but impossible because ‘the people’ have become absurd — choosing to collapse their colony and themselves (not just their government) out of righteousness and malevolence.

HangOnObsessive/compulsive use of digital devices, by the fairer sex, continues to be a danger to persons and society.


RAW17The American way of activism — featuring individuals in despair, driven by a peculiar admixture of aims, seeking justice (vengeance) and identity in their struggle for rights, while at the same time rebelling against truth and life itself — was on full display in the fulminations of opposing, yet similar, rebel groups in Charlottesville.



feminists.JPGNowadays, women seeking to do men’s work are becoming mothers.

FreedomTrain.JPG“Passion for power over others will never cease to threaten mankind. Freedom can prevail only when protected by law, and it is axiomatic that law to be effective must have the constant support of public opinion grounded in the conscience of the citizen.”

“The stability of free government in America and the chief bulwark of our safety lies not in legal enactments but in the great reservoir of ideas grounded in a deep sense of moral values. It is these concepts held in common by our people that constitute the hidden strength of the nation. Toynbee, in reviewing world developments, emphasizes that the sense of fair play and moderation in politics is one of the great gifts that the West can give to the rest of the world.” Man’s Right to Knowledge (Columbia University, 1954)

If civilization emanates from, and leads to, values anchored in truth and morality, one can say that today’s Western values are far from truth, morality and civilization. Which might help explain the anarchy, tyranny and emptiness that have resulted from so-called Western values.

YoungVisions2017c.JPGYoungVisions2017b.JPGYoungVisions2017New York City schoolchildren’s artwork, from the Studio in a School program, on display at Christie’s through June 29.



BigEventSmallManAmerica’s war on men continues.

CubaJacksonHeights-PostOfficeJacksonHeights-PostOffice3Just feet from a flea market — with a vendor selling Cuban cigars and Che Guevara currency — the Jackson Heights post office on Saturday hosted local and national politicians in a renaming ceremony for the Jeanne and Jules Manford Post Office Building. Their son Morty (1951-1992) was a prominent gay activist and assistant New York State attorney general. The (July 2016) document renaming the post office took an act of congress and signature from then president Obama.



ProjectLifeCenter2017aPLC-Woodside.JPGProject Life Center, billed as a women’s community center — seeking to nourish women in all areas, is now open in Woodside.

TrumpPlazaOn this Good Friday, with many rejecting the Savior of the world — making themselves savior of the world (and living as “animals” and “demons” in a world where productivity, equality and disruption are King), the nothingness abounds.


Russian-BorisKustodiyev1918One-hundred years after a Marx inspired revolution replaced the Romanovs with Marx inspired anarchy and tyranny — the rebellion continues, with false notions of freedom and rights ushering in domination, division, and destruction, as seen in the Arab Spring and Black Lives Movement. Thus, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw: “while throwing off the bonds of convention, and standing free from all allegiance to established religion, law, order, patriotism, and learning, she promptly uses her freedom to put on a heavier set of chains.”

Artist: Boris Kustodiyev, Merchant’s Wife at Tea, 1918

TheArtShow17d“Female Debility and Irregularities—It is a self-evident fact that the finer the work, and the more complicated a piece of machinery, the more liable is it to become deranged, or out of order; and the more skillful must be the mechanic who undertakes to make any necessary repairs.” Dr. Chase’s Recipes, 1866

women17kwomen17pwomen17dThe Women’s March, NYC – January 21, 2017

Feminists took to the streets to make their feelings for President Trump known, and to assert various ‘rights’ they feel are endangered by a Trump administration.

American style feminism, with its material power orientation, is a movement of destruction (abortion) and domination (“A Woman’s Place Is In Your Face!”) — that fails to understand/embrace the true nature of women’s power — and is ultimately nihilistic and self-defeating for persons and society.

Really the way to find one’s self is in the free gift of self, not the assertion of self.

Photographs: Stephen Wise