‘Your Freedom Is Killing Me’

In a moment when Western leaders should be taking seriously the legitimate security concerns of Russian President Putin, and arriving at a new security arrangement — sans weapons of mass destruction, the dogs of war are calling for Russia’s defeat and the end of Putin, thereby confirming Putin’s justification for his Ukrainian incursion in the first place. It’s worth noting that Hunter Biden, son of US president Joe Biden, helped facilitate getting Bio WMD into Ukraine (with 26 labs known to presently exist).

People of good will continue to struggle with the problems of maintaining an ordered society, in a surreal world where the forces of popular democracy have become unmanageable and unreasonable. The US response to Putin’s Ukraine action is further evidence of why the US doesn’t deserve to exist as a sovereign state, and in fact doesn’t exist as one, much less as a healthy democracy. Instead the US has devolved into a disintegrated state — a gang of emotionally disturbed: arms dealers, vax pushers, and gender dysphoria spreaders–trying to remake the world in their own disordered image.

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