Murder & Madness

Exchange between two Polish grandmothers on March 5, in Rzeszow, Poland:

“Ukraine should surrender.”

“Are you crazy? Should Poland surrender too?”

It seems Poland has gone mad too in acquiescing (on giving MIGs) to Zelensky — who is playing the role of “the great harlot who poisoned the earth with her harlot’s ways.”

The death and destruction in Ukraine is largely the result of Ukrainian leaders and their dirty dancing partner, Washington, acting badly (going back to the 2014 Yanukovych coup).

Using the Ukrainian people as human shields and treating Putin with contempt is not the way to peace.

In a better world the US (and NATO) would take seriously Putin’s legitimate issues. But for conservatives and liberals in the US, seeking world domination and the end of Putin, the well-being of the Ukrainian people and peace in the region are not among their aims.

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