Those who have armed Volodymr Zelensky, “look like” Trayvon Martin.

Barrack Obama ignited a race war ten years ago when he claimed that if he had a son, he would “look like Trayvon Martin” (the Florida youth killed by George Zimmerman after assaulting Zimmerman).

President Biden may have ignited World War III by arming Ukraine’s Zelensky, who came to power in the aftermath of the 2014 coup — engineered by Obama’s CIA — which removed Viktor Yanukovych, just for being friendly with Russian President Putin

In 2003, the US military murdered over a million Iraqi farmers, women and children in an effort to eliminate WMD (weapons of mass destruction) — that never existed — from Iraq. Today, Putin is isolated by world leaders for seeking to protect lives (including his own) and keep WMD out of Ukraine, all while the West races to deliver WMD to Ukraine, and destroy Putin.

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