Biden the Surrealist

“I had already said hello to Satan in 1928. An unavoidable old man was loaded down at that time with a package of clouds on his back with a flower in white lace, its neck pierced by a stone, swayed very still as it sat at the tambourine. Why am I not that charming flower? Why must I always change into an earthquake, into an ace of hearts, into a shadow entering by the door.” Max Ernst

One-Hundred years ago, Surrealism was becoming a thing in the art world. Today it is the thing in American society, with morality and rational thought replaced by psychic automatism and vaccine mandates.

The surreal American President, Joe Biden, is the most dangerous (stuffed) person in the world.

Biden traveled to NYC today to deliver a message against violence, especially from “ghost guns” — just hours after a man had died half way around the world on his orders, and billions of dollars worth of American weapons had been delivered to Ukraine. And after countless black persons no doubt felt justified and empowered in their violence towards cops and and White people after Biden’s “systemic racism” demagoguery.

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