Jan. 6

One would think the dogs on the left would be thankful the dogs on the right were so sophomoric and benign in the “Stop the Steal” protest, one year ago in the US Capital. If, in fact, the 2020 presidential election was stolen (as many thought and still do), the Founders would surely have called for a much stronger response.

While there may not be hard evidence of enough bogus votes to have swayed the election, there is plenty of evidence of a sham presidential election process (codified in law) that produced only losers.

Ironically, a government (mob) increasingly oriented to, and obsessed with, rights (rather than the “good”), has forfeited its legitimacy and reason for being — while unable to agree on who can vote. And, in the word’s of Shakespeare’s Iago, can only say: “I am not what I am.”

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