Covid Break

CovidBreakThe data indicate that Covid-19 has run its course in New York City. One pharmacologist at Elmhurst Hospital told LE that those who have been exposed to the virus, but not come down with it, are less likely to show symptoms with each passing day. Also several healthcare workers at the hospital told LE that various treatments, including hydroxychloroquine (when prescribed early on), are working — and helping Covid patients to recover and walk out of the hospital.

The plan by New York elected officials to subject citizens to widespread testing, tracing, and isolation — before reopening the state  — is, at this stage of the virus cycle, absurd and even abusive. One need only look at the the State’s running of nursing homes and the recent carnage in ‘quarantine hotels’ to realize that political leaders are incapable of true Covid mitigation or patient care. The decrease in Covid cases in recent days has more to do with the virus having already run its course, through the population, and less to do with mandated social distancing policies. In fact, the (contemptuous) policies of Messrs Di Blasio and Cuomo likely made the situation worse — increasing the death rate and undermining society. If the federal government decides to help New York State with its precarious finances, it should do so while insisting the State abandon its plans for widespread: testing, tracing, and isolation of citizens — actions which might have been useful during the first week of March (although not in Westchester County), but which today can be abusive and likely to do more harm than good. Going forward, any virus testing should lead to “early treatment” (not just isolation) for those who contract Covid-19. Which is what worked so well for South Korea — while keeping that society open and the death rate down.


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