Bronze Serpent

Woodside-CVCV-ElmhurstWe hear Hydroxychloroquine is in fact helping Covid-19 patients at Elmhurst Hospital, and continues to prove itself to be a legitimate treatment option for patients with Covid-19. But it has to taken early in treatment not at the end of life.

The greater threat to America during this pandemic comes from state governors and local officials, who are perversely plotting, testing, tracing and destroying persons and society, in their machinations for federal dollars.

Progressive (“muck-you-up,” “kiss-my-ass”) policies helped to create the conditions for Covid-19 to ravage NYC in the first place — and now progressive leaders are doubling down on interventions that will ravage the people and society in the aftermath. Denying vulnerable people access to parks on sunny days goes against common sense and science and is likely contributing to the spread of Covid and death.

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