Queens Community Spread

Covid19-NYC1CV-JacksonHeightsOn Monday New York’s Governor Cuomo doubled down on social distancing, by adding to the amount of potential fines for violators and extending the time that New York State would be closed for business — out to April 29. He did so while saying he wanted to avoid a South Korea situation in New York. Which is odd, given that S. Korea, a nation of 50+ million people, has only 10,000 Covid-19 cases and 192 deaths as of April 6. A tiny fraction of New York’s case and fatality rates. They did so, while not shutting down their society the way New York has.

It’s become apparent that New York style ‘social (stay-at-home) distancing’ is in fact adding to community spread and the death rate — making every home a nursing home. In affirming their stay-at-home policy, Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio said today that “hospital admissions are down.” Well, according to one official at Elmhurst Hospital, that’s because, at this moment, all their ICU “beds are full” (with Covid-19 patients). And none are expected to survive. Many who show up at NYC emergency rooms are being sent home, with 200+ cases dying at home on an average day. Sadly, the policies of De Blasio and Cuomo have only hastened the spread and lethality of Covid-19 — in hospitals and at home — and made it harder for individuals to defeat the virus themselves (with their immune system), which is the best hope for society. Denying access to parks (and critical sunlight) is just one example of wrongheaded local and state policies that do more harm than good.


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