Nature Punishes

Facemask-NYCPlayground-NYCAt the center (of the epicenter) of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s worth noting the role that “dirtiness,” at various levels, has played in the spread of coronavirus in Queens, NY and beyond. Commentators like pointing to poverty and inequality as dominant factors in the high numbers of Covid-19 cases in certain NYC neighborhoods. And yet in Queens — from Jackson Heights to Elmhurst, Corona and Flushing — one can’t underestimate the effect of decadent behavior, by those residents, in driving community spread. Iniquity more so than inequality.

Roosevelt Avenue, running through the epicenter is lined with spas—featuring Chinese prostitutes servicing ‘poor’ Central American day laborers—day and night, next to dozens of abortion mills, gay bars and strip joints — all for people acting within the laws of the land, but not within Natural Law or Divine Law.

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