March of Death

Covid19-Elmhurst2Covid19-ElmhurstCovid19-ElmhurstHospitalCovid-19-ElmhurstElmhurst, NY – March 29, 2020

The FDA is approving Hydroxycloroquine for “critical Covid-19 patients.” But experience from the front lines says, Covid patients need to be given Hydroxycloroquine and Azithromycin (along with zinc) early on in the process, to be effective — before they are critical and intubated.

A nurse at Elmhurst Hospital told LE: that “no” intubated Covid patient (on a ventilator), on his floor, has recovered or survived. So, the obsession of public officials with acquiring more ventilators seems less than pure and perhaps even perverse — with ventilators ushering in death rather than saving lives. If the goal truly is saving lives, they ought to be making Hydroxycloroquine and Azithromycin available to anyone with symptoms as early as possible.

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