Corona Busters

CoronaVirus2CoronaVirusMarch 15, 2020 – Elmhurst, New York

Covid-19 busters shouldn’t be society busters. The health care system, at least in NYC is already overwhelmed by the virus. Further interventions to slow the spread and “flatten the curve,” in order to save the healthcare system are likely to be self (society) defeating  — killing society to save society. New Yorkers live cheek by jowl, asshole to belly button — which certainly increases the likelihood of community spread. But shutting everything down will do more harm than good, especially in a population that is said to be already 100% exposed to the virus. Perhaps a better way to overcome Covid-19, and still have a society, is to let it play out organically — with the government intervening only to help expand health care services, while letting individuals maintain there own social distance. Efforts in Italy, in recent weeks, to shut that country down and make people stay at home, seem only to have made the situation worse, while killing a lot of old people (exposed to the virus by younger family members), who otherwise may not have gotten the virus.Covid-19


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