Freedom Train

FreedomTrain.JPG“Passion for power over others will never cease to threaten mankind. Freedom can prevail only when protected by law, and it is axiomatic that law to be effective must have the constant support of public opinion grounded in the conscience of the citizen.”

“The stability of free government in America and the chief bulwark of our safety lies not in legal enactments but in the great reservoir of ideas grounded in a deep sense of moral values. It is these concepts held in common by our people that constitute the hidden strength of the nation. Toynbee, in reviewing world developments, emphasizes that the sense of fair play and moderation in politics is one of the great gifts that the West can give to the rest of the world.” Man’s Right to Knowledge (Columbia University, 1954)

If civilization emanates from, and leads to, values anchored in truth and morality, one can say that today’s Western values are far from truth, morality and civilization. Which might help explain the anarchy, tyranny and emptiness that have resulted from so-called Western values.

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