Georgia O’Keeffe – Keeping On

georgiaokeeffe-brooklyngeorgiaokeeffe-brooklyn2georgiaokeeffe-brooklyn7georgiaokeeffe-brooklyn8georgiaokeeffe-brooklyn9At the Brooklyn Museum through July 23, 2017.

The present exhibit of Georgia O’Keeffe’s (1887-1986) work at the Brooklyn Museum arrives 90 years after O’Keeffe’s first museum show (also held there). This show includes an assortment of Miss O’Keeffe’s clothing — so emblematic of the “self-stripping” (James Johnson Sweeney), simplicity, purity, and humor that gave rise to her exuberant works — meditations on “livingness” and nothingness.

Perhaps it can be said that O’Keeffe was a pilgrim of consciousness, a seeker of the “fullness of existence” (Nietzsche). Over the years her evolving subjectivity and consciousness became increasingly manifested in her work, as she went deeper into the essential whatness of life. Thus, the paradox: In the gift (sacrifice) of oneself to reveal oneself, as the personal me gives way to the divine “I am.”

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