‘Slow Wines’ From Italy

slowwines2017dslowwines2017eslowwines2017fThe slow wine movement has been underway in Italy for seven years now, with its adherents practicing what they term “virtuous agriculture.”  Today, that means no use of chemical weedkillers in the vineyard. Many slow wine producers are certified organic and are using natural fertilizers and organic plant protection. The results, when the stars line up, are vital great tasting wines.

At a recent tasting in NYC, wines from 98 slow wine producers were presented. None that we tried was undrinkable. Most were superb. Among our favorites: Barale Fratelli, Piedmont; Ciabot Berton, Piedmont; Brandini, Piedmont; Mossio Fratelli, Piedmont; San Gimignano Sono Montenidoli, Tuscany; Frecciarossa, Lombardy and Vallone, Puglia.

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