Handle With Care

SavonD'Alep2 This soap, from Aleppo, Syria (Savon d’Alep), was made before that city was destroyed by American intervention in Syria beginning in 2011.

The murder of three Muslim students in North Carolina sparked outrage in the U.S. this week. What about the three hundred Syrian refugees, forced from their homes because of U.S. actions against their government, who drown in the Mediterranean also this week?

In 1852 Abraham Lincoln, referring to the revolutions taking place in Europe, said “that it is the duty of our government to neither foment, nor assist, such revolutions in other governments.” Lincoln empathized with the aspirations of the people to be free but also believed that change had to come from within.

U.S. efforts at regime change, throughout the world over many years, are not the fruits of a successful free state but rather the machinations of a failed state.

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