Vino 2015

VINO2015VINO2015aBilled as the “grandest Italian wine event ever held outside of Italy,” VINO 2015 is underway in NYC, with particular emphasis on wines from Southern Italy.

There are many excellent wines, some that are amazingly inexpensive (under $5), being produced in Italy. The problem is getting them from the producers to the consumers.

Priority is being given by the trade to wines that generate higher margins. In one of the panels, a leading NYC wine retailer said the hedge fund that bought her company insisted that they “not sell inexpensive (under $35) wines anymore.”

Among our favorites of VINO 2015 was Montenidoli, from southern Tuscany, considered a “slow wine” and a “snail” wine. Elisabetta Fagiuoli (top photo) represented the winery.

Azienda Vitivinicola Al-Cantara (bottom photo) from Sicily, near Mt. Etna, has a Pinot Noir that is especially unique and good.

Other that we liked were: Avignonesi Grifi, from Tuscany, Bel Colle, from Piedmont (looking for an importer); and Fratelli Ponte Vini, from Piedmont (looking for an importer).

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