Acting White (Red)

ShainmanKaphar2015“The Bolshevik was the man of the future.” Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Politics of Upheaval (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1960)

The Bolshevik (deceiving, disrupting and deviant) man is not the model for becoming our best self. Nor is he the way to social justice.

“Many people are becoming frustrated, hopeless, and disillusioned. Because of the slow pace we are making in the direction of human rights and individual freedom, they are turning aside to false detour signs such as black power, separatism, and uprisings in cities (the so-called riots). Our road to world peace does not lead through these. We will not win through black power, white power, and not even through “green power.” But we will win only through the power of God.” Ralph David Abernathy, International Inter-Religious Symposium on Peace in New Delhi, 1968

Artist/Artwork: Titus Kaphar: Drawing the Blinds at Jack Shainman Gallery through February 21, 2015.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

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