MarioCuomoFuneralFormer New York Governor Mario Cuomo (1932-2015) was buried from St. Ignatius of Loyola Church in NYC today.

The pastor of St. Ignatius Church, Rev. George Witt S,J., in remarks heard from speakers outside the church on Park Avenue, said that Mario Cuomo had been a “humble man…a man of great faith in God,” and the “Cuomo family life was rooted in Christ, Catholic education, and faith.”

Analysis: The public policies of both Mario Cuomo and son Andrew (current Governor of New York) regarding abortion, were and are in fact anathema to Christianity and the well being of individuals and society. One can only hope that the elder Cuomo had a conversion and sincere confession before he died.

Increasingly today we see ministers of the Church spreading illusion rather than truth, and society suffers.