Same Sky for the Holidays

SameSky2014bDallaireLeFrakSame Sky and Global Goods Partners held a Holiday ethical shopping experience last evening in NYC. Both are social enterprises “dedicated to empowering women through dignified work and fair wages.”

Same Sky employs women from the U.S. and Sub Saharan Africa, including Rwanda. Founder Francine LeFrak (bottom right) was on hand along with Romeo Dallaire, retired Lieutenant General and former Senator from Canada. General Dallaire was the Force Commander of the U.N. Mission in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. His book “Shake Hands With the Devil” (2004) recounts the betrayal and failure of the UN, the international community, but more importantly of humanity to keep the peace.

LE asked Romeo Dallaire about “responsibility-to-protect” being improperly invoked to justify interventions in Libya and Syria. He agreed that it had been misapplied, and said when it’s used the UN shouldn’t take sides.

Analysis: As the principle of sovereignty is being done away with at the UN, responsibility-to-protect is being used by countries seeking to exploit and dominate others. For example, the actions taken by various countries to undermine the Assad government in Syria is as evil as the same countries failing to act to stop the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

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