Barolo Boys (& a Girl)

Barolo-ElioAltareThe Barola Boys (innovative wine producers from Langhe, Italy), were back in NYC this week for tastings of their recent and past vintages of big Barola wines.

Barolo-ElioAltare1Barolo-EPiraChiaraBoschis (2)Barolo-SeghesioWe liked the Elio Altare Barolo (La Morra) 2008 & Barolo ‘Cerretta’ 2006, which can be had now but should further develop with age. Also the E Pira — Chiara Boschis Barola ‘Via Nuova’ 2009, and Seghesio Barola ‘La Villa’ 2006.

Pictured here from top are: Elio Altare, Chiara Boschis, Riccardo & Laura Seghesio

Photographs: Stephen Wise

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