BastilleDayNYC2014c“The French Revolution began at the top—in the world of fashion, birth, and intellect—and propagated itself downwards.” Francis Parkman

“The fall of the Bastille marked the end of royal absolutism. It was a triumph for the cause of liberty, and for the Parisan mob. With this victory for violence the revolution had taken a bloody step forward.” Winston Churchill, The Age of Revolution (Dodd, Mead, 1957)

Analysis: The ‘liberty’ of the mob might be sweet, but it can’t sustain persons and society — as we saw with the Russian Revolution and the so called Arab Spring. Churchill’s view that liberty triumphs through violence (toward others) contributed to two World Wars, and the Holocaust, and the slaughter in Gaza today.

True freedom starts with overcoming ourselves.

Pastries by: Epicerie Boulud, at Bastille Day Street Fair, NYC