WinesOfCorsicaClosCulombu-SuzzoniOrengaDeGafforyThe French Island of Corsica, birthplace of Napolean and possibly Christopher Columbus, is known as the “Island of the Vines”. Its unique geographical regions with granite, clay, and sandstone soils, along with micro-climates, and unique grape varietals, offer wine-makers an expansive palette for producing robust and delicate wines — that can be likened to art.

Three of the Island’s best producers are Clos Culombu, Domaine Terra Vecchia and Eric Poli. Each offers rich wines at reasonable prices.

Etienne & Christine Suzzoni, owners of Clos Culombu (middle photo), along with Henri & Anne Orenga de Gaffory of Domaine Orenga de Gaffory, participated in a Wines of Corsica tasting in NYC today.

Of special note is the Clos Culombu Rose (2013), and the Red, Collection (2011), which is a blend of: Nielluciu, Sciaccarellu, Minustellu, Carcaghjolu, Murescone and Aleaticu.

We also liked Eric Poli’s Red (2012) and Domaine Orenga de Gaffory’s Muscat (2009).

Note: Corsican Reds are “wild” and best enjoyed with food.

Photographs: Stephen Wise