manayigalozeri“You have developed among you a dangerous Messianic spirit…I have learnt from my own experience that the sword alone offers no solution…Israel will not survive as a democratic state if she continues being a society that occupies another nation.” Ariel Sharon, Knesset 23 October 2004

The question now is “what are the goals of the ‘new’ (badass) Jews?” And “how will that affect the trajectory of the U.S., Israel, and the world?”

“Jewish history consists of a unique series of events—accidental or purposeful—which have had the practical effect of preserving the Jews as Jews in an “exile” to fulfill their avowed mission of ushering in the brotherhood of man…What the Jews themselves have thought of their destiny has shaped their history more profoundly than did events.” Max Dimont, The Indestructible Jews (The New American Library, 1973)