‘To Early to Tell’

At the recent International Press Freedom Awards Dinner in NYC, LE asked various media elites their thoughts on how the so-called Arab Spring is going? The response given by most was: “It’s too early to tell.”

It would have been nice to have heard just one journalist say that U.S. involvement in the Arab Uprising is wrongheaded, and more akin to the Russian Revolution than the American Revolution. We didn’t hear it. Back in May, Natalia Dmitriyevna, widow of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, told LE that “there are analogies” between the Russian Revolution and the Arab Spring.

The forces of anarchy (including Neocons, Feminists & Saudis) driving the Arab Spring, betray their wretchedness by their indifference to the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria. As with Lenin’s formula, the peasants are the losers amid the destruction — where one elite replaces another and declares victory.

“But massacre by Bolshevik troops was not the worst of the evils which confronted the long suffering peasants…the peasants abandoned their farms and sought safety in the towns, which could neither feed them adequately nor give them shelter. They came like hordes of locusts which ate up everything in their path. They died in their millions. No accurate figures were ever made available; nor could they be made available, though Sverdlov computed that some 27,000,000 were affected.” The Life and Death of Lenin, Robert Payne (Simon and Schuster, 1964)

With the ‘civilized’ world disregarding the lessons of the past, and devolving into new forms of tyranny and anarchy, journalists face multiple challenges (and threats) — not the least from within, if their objective is to bear witness to the truth.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

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