NYPD vs. The People

Echos of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations were heard on Manhattan’s Upper East Side today, when an MTA city bus driver jumped out of his bus, filled with passengers, and flagged down a cop after being cut off by someone driving an SUV (top photo).

There was no contact between the bus and the SUV, but the bus driver wanted the cop to “do something.” The cop asked the driver: “What do you want me to do? I didn’t see it happen.” The bus driver then became indignant and said something that upset the cop, who proceeded to handcuff the bus driver.

The cop’s partner came over and they went through the driver’s pockets. Then some of the passengers got off the bus to see why their driver had been handcuffed.

Soon after, all the passengers got off the bus and confronted the cops (in a respectful but determined manner). The handcuffs then were removed, and the bus driver and passengers went on their way — as did the person in the white SUV.

American society has become a breeding ground for emotionally disturbed persons (EDPs). The good news, here, is that the people were able to work it out.

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